How to choose an electric meat grinder. The mincing screw type

With its help not only grind meat with the meat, and squeeze out the juice, chopped vegetables and cooked pasta. Guessed what it was about? Of course, the meat grinder!

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Types of grinders

Initially there was a mechanical grinder and was driven solely by the muscular force of the person. The performance of such kitchen appliances was relatively low, as it required considerable physical effort. The situation has cardinally changed, when to rotate the grinder knifes steel electric motors. Thanks to them, the use of an electric grinder became akin to pleasure. Had increased and their performance. Modern electric meat grinders are of shock and screw type. In a shock meat grinder meat excised rotating blades. Such devices are typically an integral part of the food processor. We will talk about an independent separate device – screw a meat grinder, where the meat through the auger comes to knives, they are partially crushed and then pressed through the holes of the lattice.


One of the main parameters of electric meat grinder is its engine power. Currently on the market are devices with a capacity from 200 to 2000 watts. Choosing a meat grinder with a capacity up to 800 W, should not expect that it will be easy to cope with hard meat. The initial product will first be cleaned of veins and cut into small pieces. No problems with the processing of hard meat grinder with the capacity from 800 to 1400 watts. At a moment like this kitchen helper is able to process up to 2 kg of hard sinewy meat with cartilage. Meat grinder with output of 1500 watts and above will quickly make mince meat of any hardness, and the capacity can reach 3 kg of meat for 1 minute. Naturally, the higher the power of the grinder, so it is more expensive.

case Material, auger and knives

The body of electric meat grinder may be metal, plastic or a combination. Most devices enclosure combo: the basic part is made of food grade plastic – durable and plastic material that can withstand high mechanical loads, and the bell and front panel are metal. Devices with plastic and composite body for strength no way inferior to metal products, and their cost is much lower. Quite another thing — the auger and knives. They must be made of high strength stainless steel. To check the strength of steel parts using an ordinary kitchen knife, with a moderate force against his test auger or knife. Remaining on the surface of the part scratch would indicate that the strength of the steel from which it is made, leaves much to be desired. Often together with a steel screw to set the grinder includes its plastic counterpart, designed for the processing of fruits and vegetables. Conventional meat grinder knives require regular sharpening one or two times a year. Don't need this self-sharpening procedure their instances. There is double-sided, double-edged knife: they can be set arbitrary side, and they are twice as long as usual.


The more nozzles included an electric grinder, the higher its functionality. Very well, if they include shredder, mill, juicer for tomatoes and citrus, the nozzle for cutting cubes, biscuits and pasta attachments for sausages and homemade sausage. As for regular lattices for meat, then they should be at least three. Changing one lattice on another, with holes of larger or smaller diameter, you can get the meat of different degree of grinding.

Additional options

The "Reverse" function in case of insufficient power meat grinder in the processing of tough meat due to the reverse rotation of the shaft will allow you to easily and quickly remove the card jammed in it streaks of meat. In the case of overheating of the motor of the grinder it will not be damaged built in function overload. Note the legs of the device. Rubber inserts on them will prevent slipping of the grinder while working on a table surface, will reduce vibration and provide a stable position. Very convenient compartment for storage of nozzles, located on the housing of the device. Thanks to him, the nozzle will not be lost and will always be at hand. Good luck with your mincing and delicious dishes!

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