How to cook new potatoes. The secrets of cooking new potatoes

Properly cooked potatoes can serve not only as an incredible side dish to meat or fish, but also to be self-complete dish.

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For cooking you need to select the tubers of young potatoes gathered before you begin to wither and dry the leaves and stems of her shrubs. Due to the fact that the sugar contained in the potatoes, yet completely to turn into starch, a dish of such potatoes will be incredibly tender and sweet taste. Instead of new potatoes not to buy an old salad with tubers of small size, check it out – RUB with a force of one potato. Easy to separate the peel will indicate that the potato in front of you – young. Try to use new potatoes within a few days because it is stored not as good as the old one.


Remove from young potato tuber skin it, using an ordinary kitchen knife, and slicer. Instead of a knife you can use a stiff brush, sponge or metal mesh for washing dishes. Process potato cleaning considerably faster and simpler, if placed in a heavy plastic bag the potatoes, and then pour into it a few handfuls of kitchen salt shaker. Package tie and shake, rubbing, and shifting from one hand to the other. After performing these basic manipulations, unleashing a package, remove the peeled potatoes and salt and throw cleaning. Use friction to remove with young potatoes you can peel in a different way, putting the potatoes in a nylon stocking, and then vigorously shaking its contents under running water. Having dipped the potatoes first for a few seconds in boiling water and then into ice, you can clean it with minimal effort. From sharp difference of temperatures the skin can get away with it myself.


Peeled potatoes dipped in boiling water. Why boiling? Because on the surface of the potatoes caught in the boiling water, forms a protective film of starch. It keeps the nutrients inside the potato. If you fill the potatoes with cold water and then bring water to a boil, a lot of useful components from the potatoes will be simply washed. So at the end of cooking to get thick and stiff potatoes, the water must be salted at the beginning of cooking. If you prefer mashed boiled potatoes, add salt to the water for 2-3 minutes before end of cooking. Cooking new potatoes is usually about 10 minutes, but may vary depending on the size of the potatoes. Readiness is checked with a fork or narrow knife. Boiled new potatoes fully reveals its taste only in the company of dill, chives, garlic, butter and fried bacon. Very often add more spices, grated cheese and various sauces. Separate conversation about the sour cream. Fans of young potatoes, seasoned with sour cream, you should know that in order to avoid clotting and changes the taste of this dairy product is added to the already somewhat cooled down the dish. Bon appétit!

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