How to defrost meat. The rules of defrosting meat

If defrosting meat is done correctly, to distinguish between meals, one of which is prepared from defrosted meat and the other fresh, it is almost impossible.

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Thaw in the refrigerator

This method is considered the most gentle, because, unlike the freezing process of meat, thawing should be slow, smooth and gradual. When defrosting meat in the refrigerator will retain their structure and remain succulent. You know — re-freezing meat is not allowed! So remove from the freezer the meat to thaw completely to use it for cooking. Put meat in a bowl or container, put it in the fridge. The process of defrosting, depending on the amount of meat, may take from 8 to 48 hours. Do not worry fluid (meat juice), gathered at the bottom of the vessel at the completion of defrosting. The fact is that when freezing meat inside its fibers originate microscopic tears, which then in the process of thawing and released the juice. By the way the number of the liquid to determine the quality of freezing meat. Than the less juice, the better and faster the meat was frozen.

Use of water

Since the heat transfer coefficient of water is several times greater than for air, thawing meat in water is much faster. The main requirement is that water must be cold, and even better – ice. Avoid using warm or hot water to defrost. As in the case of defrosting fish, meat fibers will absorb a large amount of hot water, giving away the meat juice, minerals and other nutrients. Do not leave thawed meat in the kitchen in raw form for more than 2-3 hours, otherwise it will be attacked by pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

Quick ways to defrost

If a few hours to defrost the meat there, it can quickly divested the desired condition using microwave. Almost all microwave ovens are equipped with a defrost feature, except the devices of old structures. By placing the meat in a container and covering it with a lid, to include the microwave in defrost mode for 3 to 5 minutes. Then flip meat to other side and again start the process of defrosting at same time. Depending on the size of the piece of meat, you will need 3-4 such cycles. With this useful kitchen device as multivarka, you can quickly thaw meat without loss of physical properties and palatability. Usually 10 minutes, the meat inside the slow cooker enabled the couple enough to make it suitable for further heat treatment. Don't forget about the oven, the benefit of the modern models have a built-in defrost function. If not, place the meat in the oven for about 5-6 minutes, holding the temperature to about 35-400 C. if necessary, repeat the procedure again.Let cooked your meat dishes will be tasty and useful! Bon appétit!

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