How to make fruit ice. Preparation of multi-colored fruit ice of your hands

This delicacy is loved not only children but also adults. Fruit ice made with natural ingredients, will not only tasty, but also beneficial to health.

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Ice into small cubes to use as extra flavor and a decorative element as additives to the most diverse (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) drinks. If a form use plastic cups cooked delicacy will become an independent dessert.

Cooking basics

Easiest way to cook fruit ice, using as the basis of food dyes, sugar and cooled boiled water. If the dyes are prepared by you personally, not store-bought, the harm from such don't get dessert, but the good that it will be very, very doubtful. Quite another thing – freshly squeezed juices or fruit purees. They are prepared quickly and simply, moreover, are low in calories and contain large amounts of vitamins. Do not limit your imagination! Start experimenting and create a mixture of fruits various, seemingly incongruous kinds. Orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, kiwi, banana, cherry, sweet cherry, Apple, pear, plum, apricot, peach, plum, grapes, melon and watermelon – this is an incomplete list of the gifts of nature that can be used for preparation of fruit ice. Add to the juice or puree small pieces of fruits and berries – they will give your culinary masterpiece with a special flair. A very interesting and savory flavor will have a Popsicle, if in its composition enter the chopped chocolate. Oh, I almost forgot, add to fruit based sugar to taste, otherwise the ice will be sour and malovkusnoy.


Having prepared the Foundation, you can begin to freeze. A few words about the forms for freezing. Included in every refrigerator includes a form for making blocks of ice. They are most often used for preparation of ice dessert. But there are also silicone molds to test different shapes for cupcakes, and the usual small plastic cups (200 ml) capacity. To prepare single-component fruit ice, fill molds and send them for a couple of hours in the freezer. Important: remember that when water freezes, the liquid increases in volume, so do not fill the forms up to the edges, leave the top 2-3 mm of free space. If you want the dessert of ice consisted of several layers, pour in a small amount of fruit base and place it in the freezer. After about an hour, remove the form and pour it on top of a small amount of other fruit bases again in the freezer. Repeat the procedure as many times as colorful and "raznovrsnih" layers of fruity ice you wish to receive. If during the hardening of the last layer in the form, insert a wooden stick from under the ice cream, make a fruit ice on a stick, very convenient to use. You can go even further – to cover fruit ice with chocolate icing. Melt a bar of chocolate, you need to wait until it gets cold and starts to thicken. Taking the future of the delicacy of the wand, dip it in the chocolate and then put back in the freezer. After 10-15 minutes with a Popsicle in chocolate glaze is ready. Bon appétit!

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