How to make iced tea. Secrets to make a refreshing drink

This drink is a perfect remedy for the summer heat. It quenches thirst, invigorates, has a tonic effect on the body. Prepare iced tea.

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We don't have anything against iced tea, bottled in bottles and packages, which on hot summer days in abundance filled the shelves of supermarkets, stores, and refrigerators in the shopping tents. Confuses only one thing: freshly brewed natural tea 2-3 days inevitably deteriorates, becoming unfit for human food, and cold tea made at the factory, designed for storage in a matter of weeks, not months. That adds the manufacturer in their products to increase the shelf life? Citric acid? Sodium benzoate? Or something jungle? Buy iced tea in ready-made or cook it yourself – it's only you. Those who prefer to cook with their hands, reveal a few secrets of making iced tea.

Cooking basics

The basis of any tea is to brew. The choice of the welding approach, based on their own taste preferences or the preferences of your household. Black, green, white, yellow, red, Puer, Chinese, Indian, Ceylon, Japanese, African, fried, fermented, not fermented, with or without additives, herbal – all types of tea and its varieties is simply impossible to enumerate. The main requirement is that the welding must be fresh, natural and high quality. And she should be somewhat stronger than for similar hot We will assume that you know how to properly brew tea. If you are hesitating, check out the rules of brewing tea in the same publication. Allowing brewed tea to infuse, it should be filtered, cooled and, if time permits refrigerate for an hour or two.

Ice and fruit supplements

To talk about how to make ice, it makes no sense, the only thing I would like to draw your attention to water for making ice should be boiled, then the cubes will be pure, clear and sparkling as a crystal. Ice can be prepared not only from the water. Beautiful ice cubes with a rich flavor and color are obtained, if instead of water use freshly squeezed juice, syrup or crushed in a blender fruit and berries.

Final part

Before you pour iced tea into glasses or cups, they must be prepared – get a good cooling, by placing 20-30 minutes in the freezer. Throwing in a few cups of ice cubes, you just need to fill them cold tea, add sugar (preferably honey), add lemon juice or other citrus, garnish with sprig of mint and a slice of lime or lemon. In addition to these ingredients, cold tea, you can add a small amount of ice-cold soda water – it will give the drink a special poignancy. Bon appétit!

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