How to choose a sink for kitchen. The choice of a kitchen sink

Properly chosen sink is a stylish, functional and durable device allowing efficient use of working space in the kitchen.

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Size and shape cleaning

Choosing for the kitchen sink, in addition to its own preferences, it is necessary to take into account the size of the kitchen. For a spacious room suitable sink of any size, in case, if the kitchen is small, it is better to opt for a corner sink. Consider also the number of your family members, frequency of cooking and the utensils used for cooking. It makes no sense to buy the large sink size for a family of two young men eating at work and home users in the morning, only tea or coffee. Quite another thing – a family with children of different ages. Here and prepare food frequently, and use a lot of dishes, so the sink needs a decent size with several bowls. Shape of sinks can be very different and limited only by the imagination of the designer. Although there are instances of oval or triangular shapes, most popular are the sinks round shape. And the most common, due to their capacity, are of rectangular and square products.

Number of bowls and their depth

If you need washing, which will be convenient and easy, stop your choice on the device with multiple bowls. Processing food and cooking will be simplified if you use several bowls: one to defrost fish or meat, the other to wash the vegetables, and the third to process the greens. The same applies to washing dishes. The usability of the sink also depends on the depths of her bowls. In the case of very small bowls working wall and countertop will be splashed with drops of water and fat, and too deep the bowls will have to stoop low, which could cause back pain and shoulders. Optimum depth of bowls – from 160 to 190 mm.

Material kitchen sinks

Choosing the material for kitchen sinks, you should take into account the style of interior and kitchen design. The sink must be resistant to high temperatures, aggressive detergents, impact and mechanical stress. Most fully meet these conditions stainless steel sinks. They are very durable and resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. Their surface can be glossy or matte; sometimes it is decorated with textured pattern of engraving. They are light, durable and relatively inexpensive. Their only drawback is the noise level, but recently this problem was successfully solved by manufacturers by the use of thicker steel and placed under a Cup with a soft materials that absorb the sound. How to find out whether the sink is made with observance of the technology or the product you have in front of a steel plate, covered with a thin layer of chromium and Nickel? Take with you to the store usual magnet. Quality stainless steel sink it will not stick to the fake — stick tightly. Ceramic sinks of porcelain and porcelain look great in the kitchen, not afraid of scratches, household chemicals and high temperatures. At the same time, they are quite fragile and heavy. And the prices on them significantly bite. Such products are more suitable as a decorative kitchen elements, which are not very often, but from time to time. Composite sinks or sinks made of artificial stone filled with granite chips, quartz sand or fiberglass is resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. They are not noisy and are easy to clean. Their only drawback is high cost.

Additional accessories

Unlike the sink in the bathroom, for kitchen sinks, you need a mixer with a long spout, much easier to wash large items and glassware overall. If the sink has multiple bowls, it is desirable that the mixer was equipped with a hand shower or a pull-out spout. Very convenient to place foods, hot pots and pans, put the dishes to dry on the wings, which are arranged on one or both sides of the sink. Basket for washing fruits and vegetables, cutting boards, knife sets, different graters – these, at first glance, optional items must necessarily be present in your kitchen sink. Good luck with your choice!

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