How to distinguish pork from beef liver. The details of the choice liver

Perhaps the most delicious of all meat by-products is the liver. How to distinguish, despite the resemblance, beef liver from pork?

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Beef and pork liver

Easiest way to distinguish veal liver. First of all the size because the weight of a single piece of calf liver rarely exceed 2 kg. She is loose in appearance, painted in light brown color with slight reddish hues, has a delicate taste and sweet aroma. Weight beef liver more impressive – about 5 kg. it is characterized by darker than calf liver, red-brown color. Internal structure it more rough and tough, has a distinct taste with a slight bitterness. The outside is covered with a thin protective film that is best removed before cooking. By the color of pork liver is very similar to beef, but has a smaller size. The weight of a single piece of approximately 3 kg. To visually differentiate pork from beef liver by a thin, almost invisible, outer tape, which is characteristic diamond-shaped pattern on the surface and large pores, clearly visible on the cut. The taste of pork liver – a sharp, bitterly.

the liver

Buying liver in the supermarket or at the market, pay attention to its color. Do not buy by-product with the brown or yellowish hues. This is an indication that the animal was sick. "Right," the liver should be dark red or red-brown color. Another sign of quality and freshness of the liver is characterized by a sweet (sometimes with a light bitter) smell. The liver should be firm, with smooth and clean surface, and surrounding the film is solid, no tears or damage. To identify stale goods, pushing on the liver finger. If the by-product excreted clots, mixed with dark liquid, a liver is better not to buy. Usually the products are sold in chilled form. The period of their realization is not more than 2 days. If the liver is frozen, it is suitable for cooking for the past 3 months. Check the by-product deep freeze, he felt the liver through the packaging. The violation of integrity and the separation of the pieces would indicate that in the process of transporting the liver not once defrosted, then frozen again. Useful substances in this product left a bit, and tasty dish from it is unlikely to prepare. Two words about cooking: not to spoil the offal even a good quality salt the liver at the final stage of cooking, just before serving. Otherwise, it will lose a big quantity of juice, will become dry, hard and malovkusnoy. Bon appétit!

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