How to cook a pie. The cook closed pie stuffed with

Kulebyaka is a traditional Russian dish, undeservedly forgotten by many cooks. And in vain, because before they were eating everything from commoners to kings individuals.

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Earlier in Russia any celebration is not complete without a serving of pies – pies, generously filled with meat, cabbage, mushrooms, fish, onions and chopped eggs. The difference from the usual pies pies is that their stuffing is multi-layered, the number of layers of stuffing is not limited and some masters, their number can reach 10 and more.


Pouring in a bowl 1 Cup of warm milk, add 6-7 g of dry yeast, 2 tablespoons sugar and mix thoroughly. After 10 minutes, the prepared mixture was added 50 ml of softened butter, 1/3 teaspoon of salt and 1 egg, whipped with a fork or whisk. Carefully stir the resulting mass, it is in the small portions pour 500 grams of flour, carefully knead it. Cooked yeast dough spread on the table and continue to knead until obtaining a homogeneous mass. Rolled the dough into a ball, put into basin, the bottom and sides should be greased with butter. Cover the dough with a cotton cloth or towel, leave it "fit" within one to two hours. During this time the dough will rise, having increased by half in volume.

Bake pancakes

While the dough is "like", baked pancakes. How many pancakes? The required number of pancakes is the number of layers of toppings, multiplied by 2 and plus 2 pancakes. Thus, for pie, consisting of 3 layers of filling, you will need 8 pancakes. The crepe batter is prepared easily and quickly. Whisking 4 eggs, add less than 2 cups of water, tablespoon of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 50 ml softened butter and 150 g flour. Thoroughly mix, transferred to baking pancakes, frying them in a pan on both sides.


The main requirement for the filling is that she will have to undergo a heat treatment, that is, be ready or be in a state of half done. The most common type of filling for the pie is meat, while the mushroom and cabbage in popularity slightly inferior to her. The use of all three fillings in one pie make the pie taste so impressive that the best filling for it is threefold: meat, mushrooms and cabbage. To prepare meat filling 500 gr minced salted beef fried with onions. Cabbage filling is made from 500 g of chopped cabbage, to which is added 2-3 carrots, shredded on a coarse grater, then lightly fried. Adding to stuffing 1 onion finely chopped, the resulting mass is stewed on low heat for 20 minutes, then add the tomato paste or ketchup and continue the heat treatment for 5 more minutes. When the mass has cooled, it added 4 boiled eggs, diced and stirred. Lightly fry in a skillet 500g of diced mushrooms, add the same sliced 2 diced onions. When the onions caramelized, and the filling is salted and put to cool. The mushroom filling is ready.

the formation of the pie and her baking

The form of the legendary pie filling can be different: round, oval or rectangular. There are also different ways of its closing. Consider the most common. Remove from the bowl of risen dough and placed it on the table and rolled into the shape of a square with a layer thickness of about half an inch. From the resulting square cut 2 strips about 15 cm of the Remaining dough will be used to decorate the pie. Putting on the front page of the test 2 pancakes so that they are completely coated, pancakes smeared with softened butter, then spread an even layer of the mushroom filling. Covering it with two pancakes, smeared with oil and then spread a layer of meat filling. To make meat filling was juicy, it is recommended to sprinkle it with crushed ice. It is prepared in the following way: the ice cubes shift into a durable package, then crumble them with a heavy object such as a kitchen rolling pin. The layer of meat is served 2 pancakes, smear them with oil, and then spread a layer of toppings from cabbage. Top cabbage stuffing served the remaining two pancakes. Pancakes put on top of the second strip of dough and carefully nipped its edges with the edges of the lower strip of dough. From the remnants of dough cut strips, sheets, a variety of figurines and decorate the cake. Top pie generously smeared with egg, prick in several places with a fork or toothpick, and then send in the preheated oven to bake. At a temperature of 1800 Since the pie will be ready in about half an hour. The sign of readiness education on its surface a pronounced Golden brown. A tasty pie and Bon appetit!

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