How to store potatoes in the winter. Storing potatoes in the cellar and on the balcony

Collected in the fall from the garden crop of potatoes can be protected from mold, decay and rotting, a properly organized process of storage in the winter.

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Before laying potatoes for storage, it should be dried in open air for 1-2 days. Should avoid prolonged contact with the tubers to direct sunlight. This can be accomplished by placing it in the shade or under cover. But potatoes intended for planting, in the process of drying is recommended to withstand a few hours in the sun. Storage for the winter should be selected only whole and healthy tubers, rejecting damaged potatoes and tubers, rot-damaged.

storage Conditions

The tubers are quite sensitive to temperature changes. When stored in heat they will shrink, become soft and start to sprout. If the ambient temperature will be close to zero, the potato's starch will turn to sugar, resulting in this vegetable will become insipid and tasteless. Optimal for storing potatoes are temperature 2-30 C and humidity ranging from 80% to 90%. Such conditions are easy to create as in protected from freezing and equipped with exhaust ventilation cellar, on the balcony of a multistory building.

Storage of potatoes in the cellar

In the cellar or basement, the potatoes can be stored mound in the bins, but more attractive is placing it in boxes or containers with a height of 60 to 90 cm, having in the side walls small holes for air access. Set these boxes on a stand providing air to the lumen of 15-20 cm between their bottom and the floor of the cellar. The same clearance is required between the sidewalls of the drawers and walls of the basement, so don't get the potato boxes close to side walls – give the tubers a chance to "breathe". Avoid misting the top layer of potatoes, it is recommended to cover a student hygroscopic material: sacking, coarse blankets or burlap. Absorb moisture excellently located on top of the potato sacks filled with wood shavings or sawdust. Many on top of potatoes put a layer of beets. It robs potatoes of excess moisture, as a result and remains dry potatoes, and beets not wither. Similar property and horseradish roots.


In the absence of the cellar, the potatoes can be placed on the balcony in the boxes with ventilation holes. In recent years, many residents of high-rise buildings for storage of potatoes instead of the traditional drawers use three-layer bags made of spunbond – nonwoven durable material with excellent breathability. To prevent the rotting of tubers is possible by placing between layers of potato leaves of mountain ash. Volatile substances phytoncides secreted by them, will destroy pathogenic microbes and neutralize the foci. When the temperature of the air boxes of tubers are insulated, and if it is approaching zero, the potatoes make into the apartment, placing him at the door of the balcony, in the hallway or near the front door. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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