How to equip the hall. What should be in the hall

Perfect hallway, regardless of its size, should be beautiful and functional. How to equip the hall to the house pleased you, starting from the threshold?

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Walls, floor and ceiling

Let's start with the floor. Because it was in the hallway remains the most dirt and dust, brought from the street to the house, as flooring for it is better to use linoleum or waterproof laminate. This material is strong and durable and cleaning them is not difficult. Alternatively, you can cover the floor in the hallway tiles, but it should be remembered that despite its apparent strength, the tile is a rather brittle material and cannot withstand exposure to the thin metal heels women's shoes. Can be placed on the floor in the hallway entrance mats and rugs, they will be a good barrier to dust and dirt, but to clean them regularly (preferably daily) to shake or vacuum clean. If the area and height of the hallway allows, equip it with multi-level plasterboard ceiling, it is a good idea to look matte or glossy stretch ceiling. Otherwise, we can restrict it by pasting the tiles from polymer materials, or Wallpaper with subsequent painting, in the end, the ceiling can just whitewash or paint. As the walls get dirty in the hallway not in the sample is stronger than in other areas, a logical step is the pasting of vinyl Wallpaper or paintable Wallpaper. This choice is largely dictated by their ability to resist moisture, plus they are easy to clean, and therefore special problems in the establishment of order in hallways with such walls usually does not occur. Separately the colours of the walls and ceiling. Most hallways in our apartments do not have Windows, and therefore the only source of light is artificial lighting. In the hallway was a light, it is preferable to opt for the decoration of the walls with light-colored Wallpaper and ceiling to white. Such colors visually enlarge the limited space of the room.


Mandatory element of each hallway is a closet for storing seasonal clothes and shoes. The spacious room is always a place for the installation of a large multi Cabinet furniture. For a small hallway, the ideal solution is wardrobe. The top clothes to keep in the closet is not always convenient, especially if it is wet after rain or snow. Yes, and clothes too, because guests need somewhere to put it. That is why in every hallway, regardless of its size, must be present hanger. It can be floor or wall, designed for a large amount of clothing or consist of just a few of the hooks is equipped with a shelf for hats and a box for trifles. In the process of equipping hallway furniture, it is important to forget about such useful things as bench or Ottoman. Despite the apparent comfort of soft poufs, rigid or semi-rigid more convenient to use since they are much easier not only to stand but to bend over to unfasten or fasten shoes. In addition to its primary function, pouffes and stools help to save space in the hallway, their internal capacity can be used for storage of care products for footwear and outerwear. Completely unthinkable without the hall of mirrors — large, in which you can see yourself in full growth and assess your wardrobe before you leave home. The mirror, the size of the entire wall will be able to visually enlarge the small hallway almost doubled. The front surface of the mirror must be perfectly smooth, without waves, dots, streaks and spots, and its back side is smooth and without defects.


Ceiling lamp, flickering alone in the hallway – unacceptable. Light sources should be few. It does not matter whether it is a regular bulb with frosted shades, led lights under the ceiling or galogenki built into the ceiling of plasterboard. Hallway lighting should be smooth, without the intricate patterns of shadows and reflections. Be sure to equip the mirror bright light sources arranged on both sides of it.

Useful trivia

In the hallway was not only comfortable, but convenient place on the inner side of the door breathable pocket for gloves, scarves and shawls in a corner near the door, get a metal or plastic basket for umbrellas, find the place to key holders in the form of basket or panel with hooks for keys. Equip a small hallway table. It can be detached and mounted or attached. It is convenient as you get home, put the newspaper, keys, small purse and the other small items. All useful stuff not listed, so when the regeneration of the hallway be fantasy, come to her equipment creatively and outside the box. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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