How to choose a wooden bed. The choice of wooden beds

Properly selected wood bed will not only create the bedroom atmosphere of coziness, but will also provide comfortable conditions for rest and healthy sleep.

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Size and shape

Depending on the width of the bed the bed is divided into single (80-100cm), semi - (110-150cm) and a double (160cm and bigger). The length of most beds is about 200 cm For tall men and there are special beds, which instead of the back is a wedge – this original solution allows you to extend sleeping space. There are beds custom sizes: sleeper with increased by length and width. Form beds do not necessarily have to be rectangular, the range of modern products for rest and sleep is extremely wide, so no one is surprised bed oval, round and trapezoid shapes.


Beds made of wood, attract buyers with the strength and durability of natural material, the beauty of natural textures and the ability to fit with almost any decor. Pine, birch, maple, acacia, walnut, ash, oak, hornbeam, beech, rosewood and mahogany – here's a list of the most common woods used for making beds out of wood. Perhaps the most popular of these types of tree is the oak. Because of its strength, the bed made of oak can last more than one generation of people. In addition to durability, oak secretes an extremely beautiful pattern texture. Young hazelnut wood is almost white, but over the years, the tone becomes darker and more saturated, reaching the shades of dark brown. Mahogany called almost eternal material, the wood is not afraid of moisture, no sunlight. The smell of mahogany, soft and pleasant for people, is intolerable to moles, so the room with mahogany furniture, these pests will never be. In addition to the type of wood, selecting wooden beds, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material. Products from solid wood are rare, and their cost is exorbitant, so in the production of furniture often use solid wood, consisting of fit exactly and carefully glued together small parts. On the strength of solid wood is not inferior to natural wood, but its price is significantly lower. From solid wood to be distinguished wood-shaving and wood-fiber plates, covered with a thin layer of natural wood – veneer, also called veneered particleboard and fiberboard. Instead of veneer, for pasting plates can be a film, imitation wood, the material called chipboard (laminated wood-shaving plate).

Frame and bed base

On how well made the frame of the bed, directly determines its service life. Make sure that the number of different bridges, gratings or other attachments fit the bed. The larger the bed, the more reliable should be its frame. Pay attention to the inspection of the bed. The expensive elite models it is made with the use of springs, more accessible – slats are used, which is a thin and flexible boards from wood or plastic. Wooden slats – cheaper, provide proper ventilation of the mattress, but over time lose elasticity. Plastic slats durable and last longer, but the ventilation of the mattress from them is insufficient, another drawback – high price. Completing the selection of beds, ask whether it is the transformation mechanism, this option will be especially attractive in the case of small-sized apartments, and built-in drawers for linen or clothing will help to keep things in order and significantly save the space of the room. Even the best bed will not justify your hopes on getting enough sleep and rest, if not she will not be equipped with high quality orthopedic mattress, so the choice of the mattress should be approached in the same careful as to the choice of beds. Let your sleep will be sweet and serene! Good luck to you!

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