How to extend the life of paint brush. Operation brush and care for her

The service life of paint brush can be substantially extended, providing proper training to work, proper operation, maintenance and storage.

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Do not rush immediately to run the operation have only just purchased in the store or have not used a paint brush with natural bristles. Because of its excessive rigidity on the surface, there are bound to be bands from unevenly distributed throughout the volume of the bristles. First, rinse the bristles in warm water with detergent to get rid of accumulated dust and broken hairs. After that, you need to lower the brush bristles in the water for 3-4 hours. During this time the bristles will get soggy and will become softer and the bristles will slightly increase in volume, thanks to which hair will not fall out and spoil the result, sticking to a painted surface. Before you start, especially when using oil paint, the brush must be dry. To achieve uniform length of the hairs of the bristles of the new brush, wet with water or paint and having it on rough surfaces of concrete, masonry or plaster. All projecting bristles will be erased and the working surface of the brush will become smooth and homogeneous.


During operation avoid too strong pressure on the brush — the quality of staining from this is unlikely to improve, but the bristles wear out will be much more likely. Don't forget to crank in his hand the handle of a round brush, so you will ensure even abrasion of bristles along the entire circumference. The paint on the brush is not dried out during short breaks at work, a brush with the remnants of latex paint can be dropped into a jar of water. If painting use an oil paint, the brush can leave them in water, turpentine, drying oil, kerosene or white spirit. When working with lacquer or enamel, for this purpose you should use gasoline or suitable for paint material solvent. Don't forget to put on the neck of the banks plastic bag and fix it by elastic bands, twine or tape. This can not be done only in the case when the liquid is water in the Bank. You can do without solvents, if you put the brush in a plastic bag, release the air and tightly tie the ends.

Care and storage

On completion of painting works the bristles of the brush must be thoroughly cleaned of paint, thoroughly wring out and dry – so the hair will remain soft and supple. Water-based paint from a brush wash off with plain water, oil – turpentine, ammonia or kerosene, for enamels and varnishes it is better to use the same white spirit, benzene or thinner. Store brushes you need, arranging them vertically, bristles up or hanging by the handle bristles down. Not be amiss to protect the brush hair from dust by placing it in any packaging material.Treat paint brushes carefully and thoughtfully, for their long service life they will thank you for it. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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