How to lay linoleum. Preparing the floor for laying linoleum

Before laying linoleum, it is necessary to calculate the required amount of material and to perform high-quality surface preparation of the floor.

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Defining required amount of material

About types of linoleum and the principles of its selection for each room we have previously said, it remains to determine the amount of material necessary for setting up the flooring. The ideal option is when the width of the linoleum, into the enough to shut the room across its width. In this case, to arrange cover with one solid fabric of the linoleum. Besides the ease of styling, this floor will be safe and aesthetic. If this is not possible, should dwell on the linoleum with a width which would provide the possibility of arranging the weld in the center of the floor. However, the seam in the center of the room is reasonable and appropriate. Based on the characteristics of the furniture and furnishings in the room, it can be moved to the side. Buying a linoleum, you need to purchase it with a small margin (about 5-8 cm), width and length. Why? In the event the irregularities of the walls did not have to insert the wedges and strips in place where the wall "went into".

preparing the floor

The old layer of linoleum before laying the new it is best to remove and prepare subfloor. If laying linoleum will be done on a concrete floor should be smooth and uniform surface, without protrusions, potholes and elevation changes. You can make minor repairs of the concrete base, to perform a new screed ("dry" or "wet" on the basis of cement-sand mortar) or to arrange in the room self-leveling floor. Even when the linoleum has a heat-insulating backing, this floor will still be cold. The problem can be solved by laying and fixing on the surface of the concrete sheets of particle Board or plywood. Do not forget before laying sheet material to build the waterproofing layer of polyethylene film with overlaps between bands in the 15-20 cm If laid on top of a waterproofing polyethylene foam, will be resolved the question of soundproofing the floor. Performing the installation of sheets of plywood or chipboard, leave between them a gap deformation of about 1 mm. At the end of installation the surface of the sheet material with the primer. Preparation of wooden floor laying linoleum is removed from the surface of the layer of old paint, check the reliability of fastening boards and the alignment of the joints between them by sanding or scraping machine. Aligning the surface of the wooden floor, you must carefully fill all depressions and large cracks on it. If the floor is heavily worn, it is more expedient to lay on it sheets of chipboard or plywood. Mounting the sheet material in the same manner as in the case of a concrete floor, with the only difference that the arrangement of hydro - and sound insulation fails. Waterproofing of the wooden floor is contraindicated, since it will hinder the removal of excess moisture, creating ideal conditions for the formation of mold and mildew. As for insulation, instead of laying a layer of polyethylene foam it is more expedient to perform a reliable fixation of all boards and structural members of the floor. To avoid chafing of sheets of plywood and particle Board together, accompanied by an unpleasant creaking, leave between them a gap the size of about 1 mm. the surface of the sheets must be covered with a layer of primer.After completing all preparatory work, you can start laying linoleum. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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