How to lay linoleum. Preparation of linoleum, cutting and styling

Having dealt with the technology of laying linoleum, it is possible to independently and accurately perform the entire scope of work, not resorting to services of professional builders.

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Because the linoleum, regardless of its type and thickness, is able to replicate surface irregularities, on which he laid, without preparing the floor surface (wooden or concrete) proceed with the laying of the floor covering is unacceptable.

Preparation of linoleum and cutters

Do not rush to do any manipulations with the roll of linoleum that were brought home from the store. He definitely need to let settle for a few hours to get the temperature equal to the temperature of the air in the room. The best position for this roll is vertical. The next phase of training material of floor – alignment. The roll should unroll and spread out on the floor, giving him the opportunity to be leveled independently. Time it will take from 1 to 3 days. Do not accelerate the alignment process of the linoleum, the better it will be levelled, the denser will lie on the floor after the installation, otherwise, to avoid deformation and swelling of linoleum is unlikely. Placing the sheet material on the floor in the correct position, can proceed and cutting work. Take care of the instrument, in some parts of the room will be convenient to use a construction knife with replaceable blades, others have solid steel scissors. Do not try to crop the linoleum in one shot, it is preferable to cut the linoleum with a margin of few inches, then trim away excess material. Better to crop in several passes, cutting the material a little bit than, not designed, in one fell swoop hopelessly to ruin the entire sheet of flooring. To compensate for thermal expansion of the linoleum, between its edges and the walls of the room need to withstand thermal gap size of 2-3 mm.

Laying linoleum on the floor and his fixation

To avoid the appearance of defects of linoleum, it laying, you should adhere to certain rules. The temperature in the room during laying linoleum should not fall below 150 C, and its optimal value is 180 sec, and this temperature is desirable to maintain the 2 days before and 2 days after the execution of the work. The humidity should be within 60%. Ways to fix linoleum, there are several. A brief look at each of them. For rooms of modest size (from 12 to 18 m2) and a low level of cross laying linoleum can be performed without the use of fastening materials. The role of anchors in the plinth and sills at the doorway. If the area exceeds 18 m2, however, the permeability is relatively low, the linoleum is laid on the adhesive. This strip of double-sided tape fastened to the perimeter of the room, near the door, in places of butt welds (if any) and over the entire area of the room at intervals of about 50 cm Fixing wall located at the side of the canvas linoleum, and lifted it, removing the double-sided tape protective layer, are fixed successively on the entire surface of the floor, carefully smoothing out each section. For rooms with large area and high level of permeability when laying linoleum use the mount with a special adhesive. Tilting and lifting one side of the blade linoleum glue area on the floor below it. Spread glue on a floor surface with a trowel, linoleum is lowered gradually and smooth, passing a hard rubber roller over its surface in the direction from the center to the edges. Similar work is done and on the other side of the road. If the flooring consists of several webs of linoleum, special attention should be paid to proper and high-quality sealing of their joints. Pasted on both sides of the joint along the strip of masking tape between the sheets of linoleum is applied, pressing, special transparent adhesive "cold welding", leaving a thin layer on top of the joint. After the glue has dried the tape is removed and in the places where the sheets of linoleum remains neat and unobtrusive transparent seam. Complete under the arrangement of floor coverings from linoleum installing baseboards and mounting nut. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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