How to grow a pineapple from the tops at home

Home grown on the window sill pineapple – not such a hard task. After 2-3 years he will blossom and exotic fruit will reward your care and concern.

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To grow a pineapple at home several ways: use the tip of the fetus, basal shoots that appear before flowering, or plant seeds in the soil. The most popular among gardeners is the method of growing pineapple from its top with a rosette of leaves. That's about it further and will be discussed.


The success of the event on the cultivation of the pineapple on the window sill is largely dependent on the quality of planting material. The ripeness of the fruit should be moderate, since the top of the underripe or overripe pineapple simply will not take root in the soil. How to choose the fruit? It needs to be moderately hard, and his colour is slightly yellowish. The best indicator of the suitability of the pineapple is the state of its stems. Its leaves must be elastic, painted in rich green, without the slightest sign of drying. And pineapple must have the scent of pineapple.

Processing the top

Firmly clasping the hand the whole bunch of leaves stems, slowly and gently rotate it along the vertical axis. The ripe pineapple stem, though reluctantly, but must be separated from the fetus. In doing this, it is necessary to observe moderation, as a little unripe pineapple stem will stay fairly tight, and the application of excessive effort will result in damage to its stem. In this case you should use another method of extraction the tops. With a sharp knife cut the upper part of the fetus height of 2-3 cm, then remove the pulp, leaving just the stem with leaves. Left to form the stem, clearing it of leaves to a height of about 3 cm and let it dry out for several days in a dry, well ventilated area.

Germination and planting in the ground

For germination the top enough to lower it to 3 cm in a glass of water and to ensure comfortable conditions. The lighting should be fairly active, but without contact with the stem with the leaves to direct sunlight. Protect it from drafts and temperature changes, change water in the glass every 2 days and about a week later your efforts will be rewarded – in the lower part of the stem will be switched on the roots. The diameter of the pot for planting the pineapple should be approximately equal to the diameter of its crown, the presence of holes in the bottom to drain surplus water is required. Laying out the bottom drainage with a minimum thickness of 2 cm, the rest of the space should be filled with a substrate of sand and dry sphagnum moss, mixed in equal amounts. You can use a light soil mix made from 1 part of the earth, the same amount of river sand and 2 parts peat. After that the stalk with the leaves to put into the soil to a depth of about 3 cm, and place the pot in a warm, well lit area. Watering the plant should be in small portions of filtered and settled water, heated to a temperature of 280 C, every few days, test the soil before this. Avoid flooding, as in this case, the roots of the pineapple will rot. It is undesirable for it and the drying out of the soil. The lack of irrigation will indicate the drying leaves, the tips of which should be immediately cut. To allow the plant the best climate in the first 2 months after planting, it is recommended to cover the glass jar or plastic wrap to a rigid frame. it is desirable to periodically spray the leaves with warm water and wipe with a damp cloth from dust. Recommended annually to replant green pet into a new pot, each time slightly increasing the amount of dishes. After about 3 years, pineapple bloom, and six months from the flower is formed and the fruit is ripe. For 2-3 years after fruiting pineapple will put forth new shoots, and then will die. When the shoots will grow up to a length of about 20 cm, they must be carefully cut, to dry within a week and then plant them in the ground. They quickly take root, will form a Bush, and then bloom, and time to do this, they will need less than for their plant-to-parent. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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