How to turn cleaning the house from unpleasant responsibilities in the fun

If the thought of the upcoming harvest will plunge you into a state of depression, then it is time to radically change the organization of this tedious process.

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cleaning schedule

Illustrative schedule for the cleaning of your home, try to stick to it strictly. It is possible that the first version of the distribution is far from ideal, some required activities will be overlooked. Don't despair – make a plan of the necessary changes and to accept that the schedule of cleaning the house for some length of time will inevitably be refined and further developed. Take cleaning the bathtub, sinks and other sanitary ware frequency equal to once a week, also perform weekly wet cleaning of floors, once a week fight with dust on carpets, once every two weeks remove it with furniture. General cleaning of the kitchen can be performed less frequently – once or twice a month. The same applies to balconies or loggias. Linen plan to wash weekly and wash the curtains and Drapes you can run two or three times a year. Due to this planning you get rid of the hectic activity of harvest, when one day it is necessary to restore order everywhere. Keep a calendar on which to record the marks or symbols of the current, intermediate and General cleanings.

Positive attitude and home fitness

The cleaning process come with a positive. Think about how comfortable and clean your house after cleaning, try to imagine a shiny clean polished table, velvety, without a single speck of dust, the carpet and the fragrant freshness of the kitchen and bathroom. Turn on energetic catchy music and try to move to the beat of her. This will not only raise your spirits, but will set the whole process of cleaning a certain rhythm. Cleaning of the apartment – a great opportunity to engage in fitness, which is often not enough time (and sometimes desire). Wiping dust from shelves and cabinets, do stretching – so your posture will become slimmer, the muscles more flexible. Be aware that reaching the farthest corners while cleaning the floor, you train your back muscles and abdominals. Working as a cleaner, do not drive sadly and monotonously its nozzle across the carpet, and perform various dance steps.

engaging the cleaning of the household

Do not attempt to shoulder the unbearable burden to restore order in the apartment. Actively recruit for the harvesting of her husband and children. Define the scope of work for each. Use the method of carrot and stick. May be the first time your husband is not perfect chandelier will wipe or clean the tile in the bathroom, and the children put away their toys, books and folding clothes, but with each subsequent cleaning they will get better and better.

Maintaining cleanliness and order

Conducting planned to clean the house, do not forget about the necessity of daily maintaining order in your home. Don't let the possibility of slight disorder to become in comprehensive chaos. Agree, much easier and easier to promptly wipe with a damp sponge plate with a few oily drops, rather than after several days to cleanse it from soot and seized a layer of fat. The same applies to kitchen sinks and the sink in the bathroom. Regularly shaking the carpet in the hallway and taking the audience beneath the dust and sand, you will not let them spread throughout the apartment, hence the time for scheduled cleaning will need less. Stick to yourself and ask the simple household rules – popolzovavshis thing, it must be immediately placed or put on the allotted place for it.

the Ability to part with unnecessary things

Cleaning is an excellent reason to get rid of unnecessary things, and simply put, junk, inevitably accumulating in the apartment. Especially a lot of outdated items tend to accumulate on the balcony and in the pantry. Don't be afraid to part with unnecessary things if they do not need you to date, unlikely to be useful in the future. Remember – in the house, unloaded things, breathe easier, and live longer. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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