How to avoid and get rid of defects in the laying of linoleum

In case of violation of technology of laying linoleum, on its surface there will inevitably be waves and swellings, and particularly careless it can and does get unstuck from the floor.

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Defects styling

The reason for the formation of waves on the surface of the linoleum one – laying it without proper leveling. The fact that the linoleum, rolled-up and long-term stored in a horizontal position (especially if the top roll is laid some more of the same) takes on elliptical form. Cut to size sheet of linoleum will have a wave shape and eat it immediately to lay on the floor and lock, on its surface will remain the wave, get rid of them would be virtually impossible. Bloating linoleum after laying occurs when the base of the floor on which he has not been properly dried. As a result the moisture is absorbed wood or cork flour, which consists of a substrate, it swells, increases in volume and swells the linoleum. The ground floor, which is linoleum nastilanie, should not only be dry, the surface must be absolutely smooth, without humps and depressions, thoroughly primed. Some house masters do not attach due importance to the preparation of the floor surface or refused the procedure. And it is in vain. Quite often a cause of bloating linoleum is too thick or too thin layer of adhesive mastic, the unevenness of its application. The end result of laying linoleum to a large extent depends on the quality of the mastic and the correctness of its preparation.

Methods of eliminating defects

To prevent the formation of waves, before you start packing, roll of linoleum, roll it out and let it ripen for at least a week. The best way to smooth the linoleum is cutting its cloth to the required size with subsequent rasstilanie them on the floor, and at first it is necessary to lay the cloth the largest size, on top of his list slightly smaller and so on until at the top of the stack will not be a cloth with the least size. More labor intensive, but effective way to align the linoleum is to use a bag of sand. The sand is heated, poured into the bag and iron them, like iron, the entire piece of linoleum, occasionally moving it over the fabric surface. Please note – ironed sheet of linoleum, over its whole area and not just in the visible places of the wave. To get rid of the swelling of linoleum fixed with bitumen or rubber-bitumen mastics can, pierced the linoleum in place with an awl swelling and releasing the air. The problem area then cover with paper and iron the iron. If you used mastic of some other kind, to fix a defect you must run a sharp knife neat cut, to enter using a Turkey Baster or syringe under the linoleum right amount of mastic adhesive or a solvent to smooth the surface of the floor and press him to the floor surface of the cargo. In the case of multiple bubbles or backlogs of linoleum on the larger part of its area, the only way to save the situation – carefully remove the canvas and thoroughly clean it from the old layer of mastic and spread in the expanded view in a spacious room for a few days. During this time, be removed from the surface of the floor mastic, primed it and to do the laying linoleum over again. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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