How to make the installation of electric Underfloor heating

Making a plan of the installation by performing the power calculation electric floor finishing and surface preparation, you can proceed to the installation of electric Underfloor heating.

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Before starting the mounting work check the heating elements by measuring their resistance. The results may be slightly different from passport data, but the magnitude of differences must not exceed 10%.

Laying cable sex

Placing on the floor a layer of insulation, on top of it should be fixed mounting plate or mounting tape. The most common way of fastening with dowels and screws. It is very important not to compromise the integrity of the layer of insulation. Installing the heating cable starting from the location of the thermostat. Cable is laid uniformly in the zigzag form, without its crossing. It is important to follow the step of installation, it should not be less than 8 cm. Fixation of heating cable runs by bending the protruding reeds around the mounting plate or tape. You should avoid break and tension of the cable in the places of bending. End of the coupling and the cable have on the floor at a distance of 15-20 cm from the grooves so that subsequently they can be closed with a layer of screed. To avoid damaging the heating elements of the floor the sole of the Shoe, where you perform installation work, must be smooth and soft. Upon completion of installation works it is necessary to check the integrity of the heating cable by measuring its resistance.

Installation of warm floor heating mats

The procedure for laying of floor heating mats consisting of a mesh and fixed on her in the form of a snake the heating cable, much easier installation of the heating cable, therefore, when choosing electric floor heating is recommended to stay on the heating mats. Installing the heating mats start from the side of the thermostat. To lay the mats right on the shape of the heated area, it is cut into fragments of desired length. Cut only the supporting grid, the heating cable must remain intact. The indentation of the heating elements from the walls shall be not less than 5 cm, from pipes and radiators – not less than 10 cm. In the rest of the heating mats is the same as a conventional heating cable.

Laying film the floor

Having laid on the floor with reflective material, it is fixed on a floor surface by means of staples or double-sided tape. Between a band of reflective material are connected with a usual adhesive tape. On top of it is placed the thermal tape with a copper strip down. Cutting the thermal tape into strips of the desired length, it covers all the necessary heating area. Be sure to perform insulation copper bus bars and silver contacts in areas of sections using asphalt insulation included with Underfloor heating. In places of connection of copper bars to install the wire terminals so that one side was on the outside and the other inside the fuser, and then connect them to the conductors and isolated strips of bitumen insulation. Further, under the thermal tape on the black strip heating elements installed temperature sensor. The reflective material in place of sensor installation cut a rectangular opening to the thickness of the heating layer was the same throughout the floor area. The same opening is performed under terminals and wires. To avoid bias strips of the heating film, fixed on the reflecting material and using tape.

Setting termoregulator and temperature sensor

Temperature sensor fitted inside the plastic corrugated tubing so that it was near its end, which, to prevent ingress of mortar, closed with a cap. On the other hand displays a corrugated tube electric wire that connects to the thermostat. The distance along the floor from the sensor to the wall should be about 50 cm, and the sensor should be placed at an equal distance from the neighboring heating elements. Corrugated tube is first placed in the groove formed in the floor, and then into grooves made in the wall. Note: at the transition between the wall and the floor bending radius of the tube must be at least 5 cm. After installing the sensor groove in the floor and wall is filled by mortar. Thanks to this method of installing the temperature sensor, its replacement in case of failure, possible without opening floor and the integrity of the wall. The thermostat is fixed in the mounting hole made in the wall, and then connect the connecting wires from the heating cable, temperature sensor and electrical home network. Make sure conductor cross section power supply cable match the power of floor heating. Including for a short time (about 1 minute) the power, should ensure the efficiency of the installed heating system, then disconnect power and move on to decorating.

Finishing and protective coating

Underfloor heating based on the heating cable covered with a layer of screed thickness from 3 to 5 cm After 28 days, when the solution is completely dry Underfloor heating can start operation. In the case of the arrangement of floor heating mats, heating elements are covered with a layer of adhesive with a thickness of 8-10 mm, is treated with a notched trowel and laid on top of ceramic tile. Try to protect the room, which made packing work from drafts. The warm floor is permitted only after complete drying of the tile lining. The arrangement of the protective coating film sex perform by covering thermoplastic film layer of polyethylene. Instead of the plastic film is allowed to use a special substrate for laminate. Performing protective coating, proceed to the installation of the laminate. If as a floor coating will be linoleum or carpet, plastic sheeting laid sheets of plywood, carefully fastening them to the primary floor. On top of the plywood is rolled out of carpet or linoleum, and then perform the installation. Film warm floor is ready.Do not forget to apply the plan of installing electric warm floor, marking the location of junction and terminal boxes, temperature sensor and thermostat. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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