How to choose a shower cubicle. The subtleties of choosing a shower enclosure

The installation of showers will allow not only to use efficiently the bathroom area, but also to ensure compliance with the hygiene, purity and dryness.

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Cockpit open and closed

Outdoor shower enclosures are a structure consisting of pallet, walls and doors. Roof they do not, and this explains their name. Install them usually in a corner or near one of the walls. The benefit of open showers is their affordable price, compactness, diversity of models and the ability to create standard design elements of the original cabins of various configurations. Closed shower cabins are one – piece, insulated from the external environment, monoblocks, consisting of pallet, walls, doors and roof. Its installation is possible in any place of the bathroom. They are much more expensive cabins of open type, but their technical equipment is impressive. Light-, chrome-, sound - and aromatherapy, rain and waterfall showers, whirlpool, shower, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath – here a list of the most common options used with the showers closed.

the Shape and size of the booths

Currently on the market presents the cab of various shapes and sizes. They can be square, rectangular, pentagonal, semi-circular, asymmetric and U-shaped. The choice of the form of the cabin solely limited to the design of the bathroom, and depends on your aesthetic preferences. Choosing the size of the shower cabin (80 to 180 cm), you should care not only about the minimization of occupied space, but also about the convenience of using it is high and large members of the family.


Pallets made of cast iron – durable and reliable, however, due to the considerable thickness of the walls are heated too long. Not inferior to them in strength steel pallets, but they are too "noisy" under the streams of water, and enamel, which they covered with time is covered with cracks and collapses. Ceramic trays all have easy to care for and hygienic, but require careful treatment, because it may crack after falling of a heavy object. Durability, strength, beauty, and many svetovych solutions are the advantage of pallets made of artificial stone. Their only drawback – high price. The best choice trays are made of acrylic. They do not absorb dirt, small scratches on the surface invisible, and easily large enough zashlifovyvayutsya. Acrylic trays are easy to clean and heat quickly. A prerequisite for installing them is the arrangement of special frame for extra rigidity. An important parameter of the pallet — its depth, especially in the case when shower is the only device in the house for bathing. A deep tray in the house where there are children, can be used as a bath for their bathing. It is useful if you need to wash large and bulky items of clothing or interior. Shallow pan is more suitable for dynamic people, and if you live in the house the elderly or persons with disabilities, it makes sense to opt for a shallow pan with a seat.


Doors of shower cabins are of two types: hinged and sliding. Swing doors are single and double leaf, their leaf is mounted to the side walls of the cabin or to the walls of the bathroom with the help of loops. Such doors provide a wide opening for entering the cab, but in the open position require additional disk space. If the bathroom size is small, it is better to stay on the hinged door opening inwards of the cabin. Sliding doors, hinged, though more expensive, are more ergonomic, allowing a more rational use of the bathroom space and the shower enclosure. Opening and closing sliding doors provide rollers sliding on rails placed along the frame. In the closed position the doors are retained by means of rubber tape. Doors and cladding for shower enclosure, made of tempered baking glass, durable, reliable and easy to care for. Limescale and soap stains are easily washed off from the glass surface without leaving streaks and smudges. A cheaper option is a door made of polystyrene (plastic). Having decided to stop the choice on them, prefer not transparent and frosted plastic, as in the operation of the cabin doors made of polystyrene will inevitably cloudy, losing its original clarity and luster. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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