How to make a kitchen comfortable and cozy. Important stuff for the kitchen

Kitchen is not only the room in which are engaged in preparation of food but also a place where in a cozy atmosphere over a Cup of tea you can chat with friends and family.

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You should start with Supplement total hanging lights with several lamps placed in different areas of the room. In the work area near the stove and work table, it makes sense to establish a bright directional light sources with fluorescent, halogen or led bulbs. Choosing the power of the lamps, it is necessary to find a compromise between the need for energy savings and convenience and safety of handling during cooking. Lighting of the working area should be rich and intense. To create the table in the dining area, and cozy atmosphere will help the lamp, equipped lifting. By varying the height of the light source, can be festive, romantic or even intimate mood. Additional comfort kitchen will give floor lamps and wall lights that emit a soft warm light.

Furniture and textiles

No doubt, if the kitchen is furnished with different-sized furnishings, create a cozy, stylish look unlikely. The wonder pack kitchen furniture, it is better to opt for kitchen set light shades because dark furniture with rich colors is unlikely to promote relaxation and rest. Incorrectly selected color scheme of kitchen furniture, with a predominance of dark and rich colors can have a negative impact not only on appetite but also on the overall digestive process. At the same time, even if furnished kitchen an expensive and elegant furniture, bring it to life and give personality to the interior, by not performing work on the decoration, will not succeed. This task will help to cope the use of textiles for decoration. Curtains, tablecloths, cushions for chairs, kitchen towels and napkins may be picked up in the tone of the walls and kitchen furniture, and sharply contrast with them. The use of textiles allows you to radically change the interior of the kitchen in a relatively short period of time. Depending on the pattern and colors of the kitchen curtains, napkins, towels and tablecloths, the room may look bright and festive, interesting and unusual, welcome and home or sweet and romantic.

Accessories and useful things

To monitor the time of cooking will be quite difficult, if the kitchen is not equipped with a clock. No matter what they will be from an analogue or digital display, wall or desktop, the main thing – they should fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen and in color, style, and size. Will be very useful in the kitchen and a timer informing about the expiration of the cooking time of the dish. Decorate the interior and will be always at hand various spoons, blades, skimmers and other kitchen tools (wooden and metal), hanging on the wall in the working area. To give the kitchen originality will help an earthenware or porcelain dish with a beautiful pattern on the walls of the dining area or placed in a locker with a transparent door. Look beautiful glass jars and bottles of unusual shape, filled with buckwheat, rice, beans, peas, grains of corn, millet, coarse salt or pasta. It is not necessary to fill the jar with one type of cereals, you can create expressive compositions, alternating layers of different colors and patterns.Invest in the soul kitchen and she from an ordinary room will be transformed into the Kingdom of comfort and coziness! Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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