How to choose a duvet with a natural filler

Comfortable sleep is impossible without blankets to maintain a constant body temperature. One of the main characteristics of the blanket is the material of the filler.

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Fillers for blankets are divided into two large groups: natural and artificial. It includes a natural silk fillings, vegetable fiber, wool, feathers. That's what we'll look at in more detail.

Wool fillers

The most famous representatives of the fillers are wool sheep, camel and cashmere wool. Wool blankets excellent breathability, maintaining an optimal body temperature. Absorbing a moisture, they always stay dry. Very popular blankets from the camel wool. Her hair is hollow inside, allowing camel blanket almost half the weight of blankets from sheep's wool. Unique properties have blankets made of cashmere wool. Cashmere wool does not lose the pile and not roll down the wash in the washing machine, it has hypoallergenic properties, and is therefore ideal for adults and children.


The filler used goose and duck feathers, at least – eiderdown. Duvets are extremely light and at the same time very warm. They are comfortable and practical, allow machine washing, but still better to dry cleaning. Choosing a duvet, pay attention to his tailoring. The Pooh quilt is fixed due to the fact that stitched throughout the quilt parallel rows of stitching. The cassette duvets are composed of compartments (cassettes), filled with feather and down. Your choice is better to stop it on cassette blankets because these blankets moving the filler will be limited to the geometric dimensions of the compartment.

silk filler

Made of strands from the silkworm. This material has unique properties: summer silk absorbs humidity and warmth, creating a feeling of light coolness, and in winter warms, keeping heat away from the body. Technology gradual overlaying of layers of silk threads ensures a perfect uniform distribution of the filler throughout the volume of the blanket, allowing to avoid occurrence of thermal holes, so a quilt with silk filling does not need to be quilted. These blankets are a great means of preventing cutaneous, cardiovascular diseases and rheumatism.

the Filler of vegetable fiber

The most famous quilts, the filling in of which is wool, made from fibers of cotton. These blankets are perfectly absorb moisture and retain heat. In addition, they are suitable for everybody, because it does not cause allergies. To wash a cotton blanket is not recommended, it can only be faded. In addition to cotton, the vegetable fillers are also corn and bamboo fiber.Blankets of bamboo fiber perfectly "breathe" and have a pronounced antibacterial and deodorizing properties, does not absorb odors and does not accumulate dust. They are soft and light, perfectly erased in the home, but after washing it should not be pressing, and drying – only on a horizontal surface. Treated corn fiber by resembles Pooh. It is very light and voluminous, it has high durability. Due to high hygroscopicity blankets made of corn fiber easily absorb moisture, keeping a feeling of dryness and comfort. They are characterized by high ecological and hypoallergenic, they are easily washed and dried, good shape and restore it after squeezing. Good luck in choosing blankets, healthy and full of sleep!

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