How to choose a blanket with artificial filler

Characteristics blankets with artificial filler does not yield to the products from natural raw materials. They are warm, lightweight and durable.

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Sintepon (synthetic batting) is a non-woven fabric made of polyester synthetic fiber. Depending on the production technology there are 3 types of batting. The least quality is produced by means of an adhesive in which the fibers are fixed with glue. Such material is voluminous and elastic structure, however when exposed to temperatures above 400 C loses its properties. Better form is needle-punched polyester batting, the fibers of which are intertwined and pinned on the fabric surface due to multiple perforations of his special needles. The thus obtained synthetic fabric is more dense, it has good resistance to mechanical stress, washing and chemical cleaning. The batting produced by the thermal method, in which under the high temperatures of the fibers is melted and forms a rest in the canvas, has the best characteristics. He is not afraid of deformation and washing, warmer and lighter than other types of batting.

Silicone filler

Is an enhanced polyester fiber filler. Polyester fiber is a fiber treated with silicone and formed into sheets. Due to its high resistance to deforming force, the silicone filler is excellently keeps the shape, making quilts, made from it, have long life. Blankets with silicone filler unpretentious, they can be safely loaded into the washing machine, after a fairly quick drying, they will restore their shape and properties.


Comforel the filler consists of a hollow spiral polyester fibres, treated with a special method, whereby they take the form of balls. For the similarity of properties it is also called a substitute for Swan's down. Blankets and other bedding products made using this material, distinguished by high thermal insulation, hygroscopicity and breathability. Comforel excellent to wash and dries instantly. The blanket from him will cool in the summer heat and warm in the winter cold.


Relates to non-woven materials of new generation. Consists of hollow polyester fibers having the form of springs, which are interconnected under high temperatures. Intertwined helical fibers form an extremely strong springy structure that allows not only to regain its shape after deformation, but also to keep her a very long time. Holofiber is extremely soft and lightweight material with excellent insulation and anti-allergenic properties. By its technical characteristics, it surpasses all modern fillers for bedding, both natural and synthetic. Artificial fillers not contain toxic and carcinogenic substances, resistant to all types of washes and dry-cleaning, create an environment unfavorable to the spread of bacteria, fungus and dust mites and just comfortable for the perception of all human senses. With whatever filler you choose a blanket, let it always ensures comfortable and sound sleep! Good luck to you!

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