How to choose interior doors. Rules for the selection of interior doors

Choosing interior doors should not be limited to only the selection of beautiful door leaf, you should pay attention to several important details.

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door Material

The doors from solid wood using wood as a valuable and smooth (and cheaper) wood. The use of a laminated array can significantly reduce the cost of these doors, not inferior in strength and reliability of the prestigious and super expensive products from solid wood. For those who wish to acquire of interior doors from natural wood and at the same time to save money, an excellent choice would be doors made of solid wood covered with veneer of valuable breeds of wood. Budget option interior doors are doors made of wooden beams covered with chipboard or MDF and covered with laminated film. The capability of simulating arbitrary types of wood, diversity of shades, ease of care, low weight and low price are their main advantages. In addition to laminate, door and cover PVC film. These products are the cheapest, they are undemanding, resistant to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Interior doors can be filled and hollow combined.

Quality surface finish

To check out the quality of processing of door, run your hand over their surface. The porous surface of the door leaf, the presence of her small hollows and bumps should be cause for concern, because of doubtful reputation manufacturers would never allow such defects in the finished product. On lacquered surfaces doors must have no scratches, no patches of hair and small debris. Check the ends of the door: if they are different from the color of the door leaf, rough to the touch or rough sawn, this door is obviously not yours.

Geometry doors

By performing simple measurements, you can verify that was observed during the manufacture of door operating standards and to make a conclusion about the conditions in which it is produced. Measure the length of the diagonals of the door leaf. If the measurement results differ from each other by more than 1 mm, from the purchase of such doors should be abandoned. The plane of the door leaf should be exactly plane. Take a look at the door with its ends vertically and horizontally. Finding even a small wave or a slight curvature to the plane of the door leaf, know that the drying of wood for doors was done incorrectly, hence the process of warping the fabric over time, will progress


When choosing a door very close attention to the fittings. Handle, lock and hinges should be sustained in uniform colour schemes and finishing boxes and casings is to be in keeping with the texture of the door. The door frame must be equipped with seals. Door handle needs to be pleasing to the touch and comfortable to lie down in the arm. Note the loop – if you select a fairly heavy doors made of solid wood they must be durable and reliable, able to withstand considerable daily workload. Widespread so-called "invisible" hinge that is installed in the upper and lower parts of the door leaf. Equipped with reverse mechanism, they operate not only smoothly, but quietly. Do not scrimp on quality accessories. Despite the fact that good-quality hardware increases the cost of the door, it directly affects the service life of the product.

General recommendation

Choosing interior doors, be sure to consider the features of the areas in which they will operate. The optimal choice for the bedroom will be a blank door, the kitchen is best to install a door glazed with ample light, stained glass door is the best fit to the living room, and bathroom and toilet the best choice would be insensitive to temperature and humidity door, covered with a layer of a laminate or covered with PVC film. Also make sure that the door to the nursery wasn't too massive. Otherwise, caught in the draft, it can cause the child serious injury. Good luck with your choice!

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