How to choose the window. The advantages and disadvantages of wooden and plastic Windows

I sincerely hope that this publication will help our readers to choose Windows. So, what is it that Windows is preferable?

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There are two types of wooden Windows: "woodwork" and "eurowindows". The first is a familiar traditional wooden Windows, which gives a lot of problems screws and bolts replaced with modern fittings, and a frame equipped with a sealing contour. The latter are more complicated, their profiles consist of several pieces of wood, glued together using durable waterproof adhesive. Their device is much more complicated and equipment — budgetary richer version of the "woodwork". These Windows have grooves for ventilation of the cold area around the glass, equipped with high-quality swivel-locking fittings, seals, frame flow with bottom ventilation and no thermal bridge. High-quality wooden Windows are treated with fire-retardant cover with a layer of primer and several layers of varnish, lacquer, paint and other protective means. Such wood products and we are going to compare with Windows made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

comparison table

Option Wooden Windows Plastic Windows The production time 2 – 3 weeks From 1 to 5 days The complexity of installation Required high qualification Can be installed on their own Life From 20 to 50 years Up to 40 years Flammability Fire Non-flammable, possess the property of non-inflammability Thermal and sound insulation Depends on the quality of glass and the sealing contours Depends on the quality of glass and the sealing contours Sensitivity to humidity, temperature extremes and UV rays Very sensitive To external adverse factors immune Care and maintenance Need periodic application of a protective coating Dust and dirt can be easily removed from the surface with a damp cloth The cost High Reasonable There is a common misconception that wooden Windows "breathe", and the plastic window is tightly sealed. Actually, wooden Windows "breathe" only if they are not treated with protective agents, and between their profile and glass there are cracks due to faulty gasket. The Windows of PVC, despite the special chamber and the channels for mikroprovetrivaniya. the situation with the ventilation is far from ideal. Therefore, no matter of what material made-UPS, periodic ventilation of premises is necessary.

Summing up

Because of the nature of the production technology to make plastic compact, small size round the Windows, or complex configuration is not possible. In this case, the only way out – manufacture and installation of quality Windows from wood. Wooden Windows are also out of competition, if you are a supporter of products exclusively from natural materials. Pay-per-naturalness will not only need constant care for Windows and their value exceeding approximately twice the cost of similar Windows from PVC. If you need safe, reliable and functional Windows of standard sizes, are relatively inexpensive, easy to care for and low maintenance, your Windows — plastic. Good luck with your choice!

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