How to align walls. Alignment of walls with the help of plaster and drywall

Before pasting of walls by wall-or the trim tiles check them for presence of irregularities. In case of detection of flaws certainly do their alignment.

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choose how to align the walls

In order to choose the method of alignment of walls, you must first determine the degree of their curvature, note the value of the height differences of the surface. Horizontal changes are measured, pulling the cord from one corner of the room to the other. For completeness of the picture obtained, it is recommended to perform several measurements, with horizontal cord at different heights. Similarly, measurements of changes in vertical, using a cord with a plumb. If the curvature of the wall does not exceed 20 mm, to mask surface irregularities is possible, having pasted over it with thick Wallpaper with a corrugated pattern. If the elevation is in the range from 20 to 50 mm, to align the walls will need plastering. If the wall is very curve, with a height difference of more than 50 mm, to make it possible, solely due to the use of gypsum boards. Plastering the walls with mortar is quite time-consuming surgery, which is a decent amount of garbage. This shortage is deprived of the method using the drywall, but the walls, sheathed with gypsum boards, are inferior in strength of the plastered, and the usable area of the room at the end of the work, though not much, but reduced.

Leveling the walls using mixes

Plastering the walls without installing beacons to perform large amounts of space and not very high requirements to the surface quality. For living rooms same alignment of walls plaster is recommended with the use of specific beacons from flexible aluminum. Before starting work on walls remove old Wallpaper, paint, and crumbling plaster, after which the wall surface is applied a coat of primer. It will not only improve the moisture resistance of walls and will prevent delamination of the surface, but also improve the adhesion of the mortar of the walls. Setting at opposite ends of one vertical wall to the lighthouse and checking their correct position by means of a plumb, between them, pull cords at their lower, Central and upper. On the tense cords, set the remaining beacons in the distance, a little less the size of a plaster tool. Mount beacons to the wall is effected as by means of a construction of plaster and screws. Depending on the type of room chosen binder mortar: for living rooms – plaster, kitchen and bathroom – cement. Preparing a levelling compound, it is applied on the wall surface between the beacons, and then using the rules of its level, performing tightly pressed to the beacons tool for upward mobility. As necessary on the wall surface add the mortar and level it up until the wall surface is perfectly smooth. Align the corners using a corner trowel. After drying the plaster from the surface roughness of the walls is disposed of, covering them with a layer of finishing putty and its subsequent grinding fine-grained emery paper.

Alignment of walls with drywall

In the case where the curvature of the surface walls of a small, permitted the fixing of plasterboard sheets to walls using mortar. To clean and primer coated the wall surface put lumps of mortar, after it is tightly pressed against a sheet of drywall. Putting the sheet in the correct position by means of a construction level, it is attached to the wall with screws. If the difference is significant, gypsum boards fastened to pre-assembled frame. Around the perimeter of the wall to attach wood or special metal rods spaced 40 or 60 cm. Due to the fact that the width of the sheet of drywall is 120 cm, the joints of sheets are securely fixed to the frame rails. In the process of mounting the frame the correct position of all its elements making use of a construction level and plumb. Upon completion of fixing plasterboard sheets on their surface and the seams between the sheets put a layer of putty. In the space between the wall and plasterboard design you can hide all communications. Quite often it is filled with heat and sound insulating materials. Let the result of the work done, regardless of the method of alignment of walls, will delight you and inspire new construction feats! Good luck to you!

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