How to choose siding. Types of siding

Initially the siding was named the painted wooden boards that were nailed to walls of houses in North America in the 19th century to protect them from rain and wind.

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Since there are new types of siding, their advantages and disadvantages and further will be discussed.

Wooden and wood siding

Is the ancestor of modern siding. This siding is made of solid wood, it is eco-friendly, easy to install and resistant to low (up to -500 C) temperatures. The main disadvantages of wood siding are its high cost, the necessity of regular treatment with paint or varnish to protect from the external environment. Besides, like any wood, it is flammable. These shortcomings deprived of wood siding made from wood-pulp mixture by pressing under high temperature. Wood-pulp and panel better to use for interior decorating, and for external use is more suitable wood-plastic panel consisting of wood fibers and PVC or acrylic plastics. Malodorous wood siding, resistant to moisture, outwardly indistinguishable from wood siding, but is much cheaper. The disadvantage of wood siding is limited (not more than 15 years) service life.

Vinyl siding

This material won the most popular in modern construction. Vinyl panel consists of an outer layer, providing protection from sun and rain, and internal hindering change its shape and size. Claimed the life of vinyl siding is 50 years. Mass distribution to its low cost and ease of installation. Vinyl siding is maintenance-free, resistant to temperature fluctuations, non-flammable (melting), non-toxic and has a low weight, resistant to corrosion, has a wide range of colors and variety of textures. The disadvantages of vinyl are almost there, except for low heat-insulating properties of the material.

Cement and ground

Cement siding is obtained by mixing between a high-quality cement and cellulose fiber. Given the diversity of shapes and textures, this material is used to replace an expensive decorative stone. Cement panels non-combustible, resistant to external environment, durable, reliable and easily restored. The widespread use of this finishing material was hampered by its considerable weight, which requires strengthening of the frame buildings. Ground siding is used mainly for facade works, but is successfully used for interior decoration of houses. Made of cement or PVC, it is with high confidence mimics natural stone or facing brick. Such panels are not moisture proof and resistant to mechanical damage.

Metal siding

Metal siding is aluminum, steel or galvanized sheet coated with layers of primer, resin and paint. The main sphere of their application – finish office buildings, shopping centers and high rise buildings. The metal panels there is no problem with mold and other microorganisms, they are resistant to temperature extremes, is quite durable and strong. Their disadvantages include the high cost, the lack of sound and heat insulation. We wish you a successful choice!

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