How to get rid of trash in the house. How to part with old and useless things

Any, even the most useful thing becomes unnecessary. It is a pity to throw it away, so she is left to gather dust somewhere on a shelf in a closet or in the pantry.

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Over time flat, regardless of its size and age, turns into a kind of warehouse or Museum where the role of exhibits is played broken, lost functionality or obsolete things. If this process is not to stop and not to run in the opposite direction, the accumulation of unnecessary things will take place at a speed exponentially. In cluttered rooms to restore order and to deal with dust on the order more difficult, than in the same premises, is not burdened with unnecessary items. So you should decide to collect will in a fist and begin to release the apartment from clutter, debris and unused things for years. This action can be done in one shot, dedicating him a day off, but you can stretch it in time, daily devoting a few minutes a certain part of your home.

where to start

Start with purchasing large bags or garbage bags. Even if, in your opinion, rubbish in the apartment a bit, will need a few bags. First collect items you can donate or give to relatives and friends. In the second package there is a sense to add up the items to be sold through the free ads Newspapers or using the Internet auctions, which are now complete in the Network. In the third package put things that can be taken to disposal or at the point of reception of secondary raw materials, and the fourth complete the items, the destination of which is the trash.

the Criteria of usefulness and uselessness

In order to decide whether a thing is rubbish, ask yourself mentally or aloud a few questions: Is this thing defective or broken (worn out)? I'm going to replace it with a new one or will repair? — Have you used it for the last year at least once? — When was the last time it was used? — This thing is expensive as memory about any event? The decision quickly. If the answer to these questions is not recommended to think long limit yourself to a maximum of five seconds. In case of negative response feel free to send the item in a garbage bag. If the answer is Yes, leave it to gather dust on, until the next "inventory". Believe me – hardly ever you will use my good tape recorder of VHS format, if the house has a lot of modern multimedia devices. Old but good-quality pair of overalls in which you plan to do the repair, if needed is not there and for painting the fence at the cottage will be used first available under the hand of the shirt, jeans and sneakers and a souvenir brought back from vacation, will be reminded of pleasantly spent leisure time, only the first will be placed on the top shelf in the pantry.Part with your unwanted items easily and safely. Having cleared the apartment of rubbish, you will make it not only bigger, but cleaner! Good luck to you!

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