How to choose vinyl siding. Signs of high-quality vinyl panels

The color and the price – performance is important, however, when choosing vinyl siding, you should pay close attention to other characteristics of this material.

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two-layer sandwich

In its simplest form, the production of siding looks like this: two masses of molten polymer, prepared using different types of additives, is passed through a series of cleaning of meshes, and then through the head of extruder, where they not only get the desired shape, but are joined together by melting. The output is the integral of the vinyl panel, the inner and outer part which differ from each other in chemical and physical properties. The inner side of the siding gives it stiffness; the outer forms a view of the front of it and protects it from outside impacts.

Front side panels

The front part of most vinyl panels embossed, imitating a wood surface. Look closely at the interweaving grooves, creating texture. On the front side of the new panels on sale, originally should be free of cracks, chips and different kinds of bundles. However, the quality of siding such defects rarely appear and throughout its operation, which for branded products is at least 50 years.

Thickness vinyl panel

As an important feature of siding is the ability to absorb various kinds of mechanical impact and to be resistant to temperature changes of ambient air, the panel should combine moderate rigidity and ductility. The optimum thickness of vinyl siding is 1 mm, with permissible deviations in both directions by no more than 0.1 mm. Checking the thickness of the finishing material on the surface of the cut side panel, at the same time check its uniformity. Power load on the vinyl panel with areas of different thickness will be distributed unevenly, which can lead to mechanical deformation and fracture of elements of the siding.

Uniformity of painting

Want a glance to know that the manufacturer does not value reputation and saves on the paint? Compare the intensity of staining of the internal and external sides of the panel. If the inner surface of the siding is noticeably lighter than the external, put the panel aside and proceed to study proposals from other suppliers.

Quality mounting holes

Situated in the upper part of the panel the holes for the screws should be exactly on the same line, the same size and shape. Their edges should be smooth, without smearing and burrs. If any of the above flaws is present, the siding is made of low-quality raw materials, obsolete equipment, lack of quality control of products.

to pack

What package prefer: cardboard or plastic film? A thin layer of polyethylene is unlikely to protect even vinyl panels from deforming under its own weight. Box of hard cardboard will protect the siding in the process of transportation, loading and unloading from cracks and chips. Good luck with your choice!

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