How to get rid of flies in the house and the apartment. Homemade ways of dealing with the flies

The neighborhood flies burdensome not only because of their molestation, but due to the spread of salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery and other diseases.

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Installation of mosquito nets and cleaning

First, where to start fighting with the flies – to block their access to your home from the outside. Those who have installed plastic Windows, especially to invent anything not necessary, just enough to install mosquito nets, which are usually supplied with such Windows. Some harder to have the owners of the houses or apartments that have Windows have wooden frames of the old model. In this case, mosquito nets should be made independently. They can be made of synthetic materials and of gauze, stretched on a specially made frame or attached to the frame using drawing pins. The next step is to clean the house. Place using these insects to be very popular, is the kitchen. Plates with leftovers, crumbs on the table, the waste in the bin – what else you need flies for a full and comfortable existence? It is for this reason the table should be clean, dishes washed and the trash is regularly emptied and tightly closed lid.


It has been noticed one interesting thing about the flies: they do not like mirrored objects, reflecting the sunlight. To scare away these pests, it helps to use the old thread laser the CD-ROM on the porch by the front door or on the balcony of a multistory building. Another option repeller – using coins. In the transparent plastic bag must be placed a few new shining coins, and then fill it with water. Tying the package, it hung, as laser disk, at the door, near the window or on the balcony. Strange but true – flies will stay away from the pack with water and coins, leaving your home alone. Also noticed these dipterans dislike to certain smells and fragrances. Flies in a panic leaving the room, evoking the scents of vanilla, mint, alcohol, vinegar, cloves, lavender, cinnamon, garlic, walnut, cherry, elderflower, sage, tomato leaf, fern, tansy, geranium, lemongrass, eucalyptus, Bay oil, kerosene and turpentine. Making the screechers, critical approach to the selection of their components to creating a miserable life of flies, not to spoil it for myself.

Traps for the flies

The simplest trap for flies – Bank filled with sweet water or milk. As bait you can use sugar, honey, jam or beer. The effectiveness of such traps can be significantly increased by several complicating its design. Roll paper funnel with a small hole and insert it in the jar top down so that it does not touch the liquid. Attracted by a delicious smell, fly, get through the hole, but to get out of the banks. Instead of the paper cone the neck of the jars can be closed with plastic wrap, doing it a few small holes. Detrimental effect on the flies black pepper. Mix it to the sugar water and place a container on the table or window. Having tasted of such "treats", dipterous pests in a few hours will die. The strongest poison of these insects is saccharin. Prepare a mixture of water, honey and saccharin. Soak them the newspaper, and then dry it. Before using the trap squeeze on the newspaper a few drops of water. Flies congregate on the pier, will disappear in the next few hours. If such methods of struggle because of their inhumanity you do not fit, tightly zastore the Windows in the room by twilight. Slightly open a little door, through a small gap in the room fell to a narrow strip of light. After a while the flies will fly closer to the light source, and some of them will fly away. Let your house will always be clean, comfortable and free from flies!

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