How to make a concrete slab with their hands. The arrangement of the site for Parking of the car

A method of manufacturing concrete plates, described later, fit for the construction of not only car Parking but also for any sites close to home.

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prep work

You first need to remove the top layer of soil in the entire area of the future concrete slab. Depending on the nature and structure of the soil depth of excavation for the site will be different. In the case of sandy soil, not prone to holding moisture, it might be sufficient to remove it to a depth of about 20 cm, if your area is dominated by clay soil that swell from the water, the pit will have to dig deeper – at least 30 cm. After digging, you can proceed to the construction of backfills for the site. For this purpose the bottom of the pit fill layer of rubble, gravel, broken bricks or small pieces of old concrete structures. The thickness of the layer backfills for sandy soil and 10 cm for clay – 20 cm It remains to cover the backing layer of sand with thickness of approximately 5-7 cm and abundantly watered it with water. Sand filling all voids between the elements of backfills, so in some areas it will have to pour again and to shed water. After the water is absorbed, the backfill is compacted using hand rammers, made of a wooden pole nailed to it with a piece of thick Board.


For making a normal site, not designed for an extreme load, it will be enough thickness of concrete slab of about 10-15 cm is of such width and will need boards for the manufacture of formwork. Their thickness should be not less than 2 cm in order to withstand the pressure of concrete. Formwork boards are installed on edge on the edge of the future site. The easiest way of fixing boards is to nail them to the stakes with pointed ends length of about 40 cm To give the structure additional rigidity it is recommended that at the corners of the platform to seal between the adjacent planks by connecting their small plates. When installing the formwork, use a level construction area should be strictly horizontal, with a small (about 1 cm per 1 m length) slope in one direction. When finished with the form vystelit bottom of the future deck on its entire area with plastic wrap – this will significantly increase the quality of the finished plate, as the cement grout from the concrete will not be absorbed in sand backfills. It is desirable to select such an amount of polyethylene to the film have been covered and shuttering boards. Remained to equip an expansion joint prevents concrete from cracking due to ground movement and temperature extremes. Will fit the same boards as those that were used for installation of formwork, but slightly smaller (about 10 mm) thickness. Recently for these purposes a Board of PVC of the same thickness. The installation of boards for expansion joints also perform using the level, this will allow you to use them for laying concrete as building lighthouses. The joints develop with the same interval that the area shared segment does not exceed 15-16 m2.

Laying of reinforcement

What to use as reinforcement? Classics of the genre – a road grid, a metal grid with cell size 10 cm, made of steel wire with a thickness of 5 mm. Card grid is placed so as to cover their entire area of the plate segments. If the size of the road grid is small, the fragments are placed one after the other with overlap not less than 10 cm, and then bind them with wire. To protect the valve below against rust by a layer of concrete, placed directly on a layer of filling, and at a distance of about 4-5 cm away. For this purpose, under the bars to enclose the stones of the desired size.


Filling the area bounded shuttering boards, concrete grout, distribute it over the entire area of the future plate. For this, picking up a wooden rail of desired length and pressing it to guide the boards, perform the motions of the rail to the right and to the left, simultaneously moving it along the guides. Recommended zheleznenie concrete, sprinkling the surface with dry cement through a sieve, and then gently smooth trowel. This procedure will strengthen the concrete surface and increase its resistance to moisture. After setting concrete (one day after its installation) can be removed from expansion joints wooden rails, and the formed voids to fill construction sealing with mastic. If the guides were used Board of plastic, they can be safely left in the concrete. Design of formwork is dismantled and over the next 3 days watered with stove water. Before moving on to decorating concrete slab give not less than 7 days for partial hardening and strength development. Ready-to-use concrete deck will be not earlier than 28 days. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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