How to choose the material the blinds. Aluminum, plastic, fabric and wood

When choosing blinds, be sure to pay attention to the material from which they are made, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Aluminum blinds

The most simple and inexpensive aluminum blinds are considered. For the production of lamellas used tape of special resistant to bends and kinks of aluminum alloy with heat resistant colour coating of acrylic. The surface of the slats can be smooth or rough, imitating the texture of velvet or corduroy. Aluminum blinds are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Contamination appearing on the surface of their lamellae, can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. Due to the opacity of the material of these blinds is to provide light tightness, and light weight enables it to fit in window openings of a large size. The only drawback aluminum blinds – noise. In the case of draught or strong wind they, vibrating, emits a loud sound, simply put – rattle.

Venetian Blinds with plastic slats

Thermoplastic polymer of vinyl chloride, which is made from the slats of the plastic blinds that are resistant to most acids and solvents, mineral oils and alkalis. It is for this reason window blinds plastic are most often used in industrial premises. Like aluminum blinds, the plastic surface of the slats is smooth, and relief. Blinds with plastic slats are resistant to sunlight and dust, they do not absorb odors. Simplicity, durability, ease of care and relatively low price will ensure that such blinds are quite high popularity among users.

Fabric blinds

To give elegance, comfort and individuality of residential premises will help the vertical blinds from fabric. Most of the raw material for the lamellas are natural cotton or synthetic material is durable polyester. Thanks to the special impregnation is water and dirt repellent compositions of the fabric slats can be safely subjected to both dry and wet cleaning. The degree of illumination of the room with closed blinds directly depends on the density of the fabric slats. Blinds made of translucent fabrics will create the effect of light diffusion of light while protecting the home from prying eyes, the use of heavy fabrics will protect the room from sunlight, making the room a cozy shade. You know that trying to achieve complete darkness of the room, not necessarily to opt for aluminum or plastic blinds. This task can easily cope blinds with fabric slats of material with 100% opacity.

timber Shutters

Wooden blinds – the pleasure of cheap. Usually they are equipped with luxury housing, respectable offices, gourmet kitchen, and billiard expensive. The raw material for the slats of wooden blinds are valuable breeds of wood. Wooden plates of minimum thickness are thoroughly trained: carefully polished and covered with tinted glass. They are then laminated or varnished. Multiple coats of varnish, resistant to ultraviolet radiation protects the slats from discoloring in the sun. Care of these products from natural and eco-friendly materials simple – blinds enough to vacuum or wipe clean with a dry cloth. Good luck with your choice!

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