How to do decorative finishing of the facade of the fur coat. The application of coats using a broom

Simultaneously with giving the facade of individuality, decorative plaster "fur coat" will become a reliable protection from adverse external influences.

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In comparison with other variants of furnish of a facade of "coat" has a number of advantages. For plastering "fur coat" does not need complex and expensive materials and mechanisms, and trim works overpower even people that do not have professional construction skills. Plastered does not create significant load on the walls, and therefore can be used to furnish not only new, but also old buildings. This coating is durable and reliable, and its color palette is limited only by the palette added to the solution of pigments.

surface finishing

To begin with you should remove the old coating. A coat of paint, old plaster falling off, the tile must be removed. To achieve maximum adhesion of the mortar to the wall surface must be rough. In the case of smooth brick walls throughout the plane should be applied to the grooves and notches or mounted on its surface the special construction of the net. To perform rough plastering of a wall before applying a coat or not depends on the degree of flatness of the wall. If the size of irregularities on its surface exceeds 2 to 3 cm layer of plaster is needed. In the case of slight roughness rough plaster can't be applied. To avoid the occurrence of mold it is strongly recommended to perform a surface treatment of the walls with antiseptic solution. This is especially important for old buildings. After complete drying of the antiseptic surface of the wall is covered with primer deep penetration. The preparatory work has been completed.

Preparation of solutions

The mortar for plastering the "coat" is made of cement and sand. For cement of mark M300 ratio of the above components should be 1:2,5. When using cement M400 or M500 proportions are 1:3 and 1:4 respectively. In the case of use of coloring additives instead of the usual grey you need to use decorative white cement. The sand for making mortar is better to use river, pre-sifted through a sieve. Carefully mix the sand with cement, in a container to prepare the solution, pour the water gradually, stirring occasionally resulting mass prior to the acquisition of homogeneous structure. What degree of thickness should be the solution? It all depends on what texture coat you wish to receive. The thicker the solution, the larger will be the grain size of the plaster and Vice versa. This is considered to be optimal density of the solution in which it to the consistency to recall liquid sour cream. In the process, the solution is not settled, pushing up the water, during cooking add a small amount of detergent, about 30 to 40 ml per 10 liters of solution.

the Application "fur" on the wall

The most simple and straightforward method of applying a decorative plaster is the snapping of the solution on the wall with a broom. Earlier this used birch broom, now more popular broom millet sorghum. Taking the broom in his right hand, dip it into the solution, and then strike with a broom on a stick clamped in his left hand. The impact direction is selected so that particles of the solution, looking up from twigs of broom, is incident on the workpiece surface. You can use just the broom, causing light strikes (prihlebyvaja) them on the wall. Not allowing to dry up the first layer solution, it is necessary to begin applying the second and third layer of "fur". Otherwise, the solution will fall away from the wall. Calculate the forces so that the plaster on a single wall or plane was made in one day. Deciding to have lunch or to rest, protect edge finish from drying out and cracking when covered by a strip of plastic film. Work should be done only at zero temperature. The best option — cloudy (but no rain) weather with air temperatures from 10 to 200. Harmful for decorative plasters are like drops of rain and the direct rays of the sun. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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