How to attach curtains to the eaves. The means of fixing the curtains

Choosing the way of attaching the curtains to the eaves, it is necessary to consider not only the texture of the fabric, density and color, but also stylistic features.

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Curtains on rings surely hold the palm among the interiors with straight curtains. Material for rings can serve as wood or plastic, however the most widespread are still metal rings. These curtains are wear-resistant and durable, does not require additional costs for its arrangement. Ring to the top of the curtains can be attached by means of hooks or sewn directly to the fabric and curtain tape. This mounting method is suitable for curtains made of fabrics of almost all types of textures, ideal for heavy and direct paintings.


The eyelets referred to as plastic or metal rings that are inserted into the holes in the top of the web. These blinds can dress up onto the ledge through the holes in the rings and stick on hooks attached to the eyelets. Thanks to the uniform arrangement of the eyelets on the curtains are created equidistant from each other, smooth, voluminous and pretty pleats. Eyelets are indispensable in case of use of heavy and dense fabrics. Use them for fastening to the cornice of curtains of light and shade cloths are not welcome. Ideal for the installation of facilities of absolutely all kinds: from children's rooms to living rooms. The only drawback of curtains with eyelets is their high cost.


Unlike eyelets, hooks will not require significant financial costs. The main thing – that to use them was calculated cornice. Choosing hooks for attaching curtains, make sure that they were equipped with retainers, which prevent their slipping from the eaves. Often bundled with hooks comes a special braid, which not only securely locks the hooks on the fabric curtains, but can also form in the upper parts of the folds neat. The mounting hooks fit blinds of all kinds of fabrics, with the exception of heavy. Particularly aesthetically pleasing, this type of attachment is not known, however it is captivating in its cheapness, simplicity and ease of installation.

Curtain tape

In addition to providing hardware, curtain tape, or the tape serves another important function. It attached to the curtain size and splendor. All because of a cord sewn into the braid throughout its length. When these cords are pulling on the fabric are formed dense, small vertical folds to create which is not possible with other types of fastening of curtains. Braid sewn at the top of the curtains with its inner side, throughout its length has one or two rows of loops that pass through the hooks. Using the top or bottom row of loops you can change the height of the canvas.


Very interesting way of attaching curtains to a rail of cornice with ties of ribbon, cloth or cord tied in a bow or knot. Heavy curtains made of thick material it is better to strengthen the wide and thick fabric drawstring. For light and airy curtains perfect as a tie perfect ribbon or thin string – this method of fixing will emphasize the weightlessness and lightness of the drapery, creating the kitchen a cozy atmosphere, and the bedroom of romance.


Loops are a more "advanced" option for attaching curtains. They are "deaf" (solid) when the top of the curtains are sewn both ends of the loop, and unbutton, with fixings made of buttons, snaps or Velcro. When using curtains on hinges the question of the choice of cornice removed itself, because this method of fastening will approach the ledge with the rod of arbitrary profile. These curtains will fit harmoniously in both classic and modern styles of interior decoration, decorating a bedroom or nursery, however, is incompatible with the atmosphere of the office or living room.


Curtains rod pocket – curtains, the top of which a narrow pocket sewn to the full width of the canvas. Threading the rod through this pocket ledge tunnel, and ensures mounting curtains on the ledge. The advantage of curtains on a rod pocket – whisper quiet. Instead of the sound of friction rings or eyelets of the guide your ears will catch only easy rustle of the fabric. This method of attachment of curtains are most often used when decorating the Windows in the niches or Windows on mansard.

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