How to hang Wallpaper. Breathe in my room life

Thanks to the technology of 3D printing, mural again come into fashion, becoming a popular means of walls, ceiling and other interior parts.

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The main criteria when choosing pictures of wall murals are her colors and the relevance of the plot. You must agree, the image with bright and aggressive night lights of the metropolis are unlikely to be appropriate in a small cozy kitchen, and the picture of the autumn Park, dominated by yellow color, will be discordant with blue curtains and a tan couch. As for the type of Foundation of wall murals, here the choice depends entirely on personal preferences. When choosing material, remember that the paper-based – environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive, but a synthetic substrate is more durable. Note the method of drawing the image on the desktop. Printing using solvent or eco-solvent inks are the most affordable, however is nizkokaloriynoe and unsafe for health. More costly and less harmful method of drawing on the wall murals – UV printing. The most secure (and most expensive) products is manufactured with the use of aqueous latex ink.

prep work

The wall surface for pasting Wallpaper should be as smooth, level and dry, as the slightest bump or hollow will hopelessly spoil the whole picture. About how to hang Wallpaper over old Wallpaper can not be and speeches. Old Wallpaper was removed, skirting boards, switches and sockets are removed, align the wall putty and primed. If the drawing of the mural done in bright colors, before priming it is recommended to apply on the wall a coat of white latex paint. The final part of the preparatory work – the markings on the wall. Spreading the fragments on the floor, assemble the figure, and then measure its area. Having defined the location of the picture on the wall by means of a plumb and level construction long applied a pencil a grid of horizontal and vertical lines at a distance equal to the size of a fragment.


Before hanging Wallpaper, don't forget to trim from all panels, white boxes. To achieve a straight line of cut using scissors, is unlikely, so it's best to use a ruler and a sharp knife. Put it on the floor plastic sheeting or old Newspapers, they put the first slice, coat with glue the wall and then cloth Wallpaper. In the case of photo Wallpapers on thin paper backed adhesive on the wall was not applied, as they only coat the underside of the fragment, then immediately apply sheet to the wall, positioning the rails and roll the roller out from under him air and excess glue. Glue which got on the front side of wall murals should be immediately removed with a clean dry cloth. Similar work is performed with a second fragment, then the third and so on until the wall is not the entire picture. Wallpaper glue usually overlap. With Wallpaper, with fine substrate, no action is no longer required, a dense Wallpaper after pasting it is necessary to perform cutting in places of overlapping. Making using a knife and ruler cut along the entire length of the line of alignment of the webs, cutting the top and bottom of the cloth. Cut edge is extracted on the surface and brush applied adhesive, after which the edges of the canvases tightly pressed to the wall. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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