How to remove silicone sealant. How to remove silicone sealant

Due to the fact that silicon sealant penetrates deeply into the structure of the material, to get rid of erroneously applied or old layers have to work hard.

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It is the ability to harden upon contact with air at room temperature is due to the extraordinary popularity of silicone sealant. No less useful feature is its high adhesion. Sealant penetrates deep into the pores of the treated material, resulting in glued parts, sealed cracks or joints are kept securely and for a long time. And all would be well, but sometimes you have to remove the sealant, accidentally caught at the surface they are processing is not planned. In this case, high adhesion and bond strength of silicone sealant significantly complicate the process of getting rid of it. However, the ways to get rid of any sealant there.

Remove silicone grouting

A very common method of processing silicone sealant tile joints, various cracks and joints. It is convenient, practical and reliable. However, if the bathroom ventilation is poor, a silicone grout mold fungus to start. Clean the silicone from the mold impossible, so the only way to make the seams of the original attractive is to completely remove the layer of sealant, then re-fill the joints flexible silicone grout. First, you need a mechanical way to remove the maximum possible amount of the old sealant using a metal spatula, a scraper or knife. Upon completion of work, the seams and cracks it is recommended to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Then the seams or joints put a special liquid for removal of silicone sealant. Giving the remedy time to work on softening silicone from 2 up to 12 hours (for each asset the time period and its value is always indicated on the package), the silicone sealant with the tool to remove it off with a tissue or cloth. Don't forget to degrease the surface of the seams before applying a new layer of silicone!

Remove silicone sealant from tiles and glass

There are cases when the surface of tile, glass get unwanted portions of the sealant time to harden before they stop your close look. If you are sure that on the glass surface or the tiles will not remain traces, remove the main part of silicone sealant, neatly cutting it with a knife or scrape with a spatula. Silicone remnants can be removed with a piece of pumice. Often on the machined surface after removal of silicone sealant left grease stains. To get rid of them by wiping the surface of the tile or glass cloth soaked in the liquid for washing glasses or dishes. You can try to remove the silicone sealant using ordinary kitchen salt. Poured on a piece of clean cloth a small handful of salt, slightly moistened with water and a cloth tied in a knot. Easily pressing a hand to a knot of salt, they perform a circular motion, getting rid of small particles of sealant. A less time-consuming way to get rid of silicone residue is the use of special tools. These substances are deposited on the sealant, after a while, it softens to a paste, after which the silicone is easily removed from the surface.

Remove silicone from hands and clothes

To wash off silicone sealant from hands it is possible with a pumice stone or a stiff brush if you withstand a few minutes of hands in a warm solution prepared from water and table salt. Good results can be achieved if instead of salt solution to dip your hands in heated vegetable oil, and then RUB it into the skin, and then use the same pumice stone or brush. Get rid of gets on your clothing and have not yet had time to penetrate the sealant can, stretching the tissues at the site of contamination, then a spot of silicone should pick up any flat hard object and remove it from the fabric. You can put the soiled sealant thing for 2-3 hours in the freezer, and then scrape off the silicone from the surface. For removal of silicone sealant, many advise to use acetone or white spirit. No doubt, the Council is sensible, but only for sealants, previously. Modern silicone mixture in such a way to soften unlikely. It is better to use special tools to remove silicone such as Silicone Penosil R, Silicon-Entferner, Dow Corning OS-2, Antisil, Penta-840, Forch R551 and R507. Before you place the special tool on the surface being cleaned, make sure that it does not harm to its surface. For this purpose it is recommended to apply a small amount of fluid is barely visible on the fragment surfaces and to ensure the safety of funds. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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