How to choose an entrance Mat. The choice of the doormat

He always meets you at the entrance to the house, whatever the weather and time of day. We are not talking about a family member or pet, and about the doormat.

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Especially indispensable this Mat becomes in the autumn-winter period. Ideally, these mats should be two: one is placed outside the front door, the second inside the room, in the hallway.

a Rug at the front door

The main task of the outdoor doormat to remove dirt, sand, dust, snow and water from Shoe soles of incoming. Best with the task to cope with bristly Mat surface. The longer the pile of the rug, the better will be cleaned the sole of the Shoe from dirt. As the load on the rug in front of the entrance door will be considerable, and he will have to work in various weather conditions, the best material for outdoor Mat rubber brush will. Rubber mats – durable, non-slip grip and they are waterproof. The care of this rug lies in its periodic shaking out, cleaning and washing of water with addition of detergents. Rubber mats with mesh coating by removing dirt less efficient but require minimum maintenance. The Mat just lift, to remove from the floor accumulated dust and dirt, and then put it back in place.

the carpet in the hallway

Function Mat indoors somewhat different: it needs to hold dirt and moisture, not letting them inside the house. Can be used in hallway mats of rubber, on their benefits mentioned earlier. However, because of the austere appearance, the lack of diversity of models and colors they are unlikely to be home decoration, and therefore recommend to pay attention to similar products from other materials. Chenille rugs made of natural wool are extremely rich in the range and look perfectly, however, in the case of moisture on them a long time to dry. And cleaning them is fraught with difficulties. Preferred natural material for doormats is coir. Glassware is easy to clean, not afraid of moisture and do not change its color with time. Another type of useful household items – rugs with a pile made of microfiber. They perfectly clean the sole of the Shoe, absorbing it almost all the dirt and moisture. Rugs with pile microfiber can be safely washed and subjected to washing. A good choice for the hall can be considered to be of pile construction mats made from synthetic materials – polyamide, polyester and polypropylene. They are distinguished by high durability, reasonable price, simplicity and ease of care. Remember: practical and functional entrance Mat can dramatically reduce the degree of contamination of the internal areas, significantly reducing the time required for cleaning. Protect your home from dirt and dust! Let it always be pure!

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