How to use a screwdriver. To screwdriver for a long time

Screwdriver — an assistant and an experienced Builder and DIY enthusiast. The key to reliable operation of the tool is its correct operation.

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Prepare the screwdriver to work

To begin preparing the instrument should provide power of power of his element. If you use a screwdriver with power supply 220 volts, enough to organize a reliable connection to a power outlet. In the case of the powering of the instrument from the battery, is ready in advance to the charging of the battery from the charger. Even better — stock up on backup battery, then one battery will "twist" the screwdriver and the second time to charge. Powering the instrument, be sure to check out his work in idle mode. The next step is to install snap. Rotating by hand the moving part of the cartridge counter-clockwise, turn it, then insert the cartridge nozzle with a magnetized holder. Now you need to keep the sponge of the cartridge to secure the nozzle. For this purpose, the moving part of the cartridge is rotated in a clockwise direction. Experienced builders perform the installation or replacement of tooling, using the power of the electric motor of the screwdriver. The procedure is as follows: with one hand firmly grasping the cartridge (luckily, it has non-slip rubber coating), and the other hand holding the tool, including it in operation until it stops. The final stage of preparatory works — select the appropriate configuration bits and insert it into the handpiece. Due to the fact that the holder is magnetized, this operation is unlikely to cause any difficulties.

Operation tool

Most often the driver fails because it switches modes on the fly, directly during the rotation of the cartridge. Therefore, all manipulations with controls (change in torque, the direction of movement of the cartridge, the gear change) should be done only after complete stop of the engine tool. It is very important to select the right torque screwdriver, depending on the hardness of the processed material. To tighten the screws in the drywall or fiberboard will be enough modes 1 to 4. In the case of working with hardwood, the ring controller should be installed in the position with the maximum value of torque. When choosing torque better to be safe and set it a lower value. The only thing that threatens it – work mechanism for limiting effort. Simply put, work a ratchet or stop the motor of the tool, the screw is twisted until the end. Turning the ring of knob in the direction of increasing torque, you will increase the force transmitted from the screwdriver to the bit, and at the second attempt, tighten the screw. Several worse, when set torque is much more than required. Once the screw is twisted, the mechanism of limitation does not work and the Chuck of the drill will continue to rotate. Than it is fraught? The damaged slots of the screw. If the screwdriver is in strong hands and the contact of the bits with the screw tight and secure, due to a sharp deceleration of the engine possible failure. A negative impact this mode of operation and the service life of the battery. Screwdriver if its in the Chuck to insert a drill bit can be used as power screwdrivers. Drilling the holes, do not forget that normal operation of the screwdriver – short-term switch. Continuous (without interruption) the tool will result in overheating and damage the motor. Rules for the use of a simple screwdriver, and the observance of them under force to everyone. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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