How to choose the bits for the screwdriver. The choice of the working snap-in screwdriver

Many believe the bits for the screwdriver disposable material. The reason for that is the habit of buying cheap labour snap of dubious quality.

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Species bits

Marking Image Description PH (Phillips)Cross-slot with the angle at the vertex 550. The thickness of the slots increases in the direction of the shank. Sizes: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4 PZ (Pozidrive)Cross-slot with the angle at the apex 500. The thickness of the slots is constant. Between the main slots are additional, forming a so-called "double cross". Sizes: PZ1, PZ2, PZ3 SL (Slot), Straight (flat) slot. The digit in the labelling after the letters SL represents the width of the slot in millimeters T (Torx)from the Slot end portion has the shape of a hexagonal star. The number in the marking after the letter T represents the width of the slot in millimeters H (Hexagon)Slot, with the end portion of the shape of the hexagon. The number in the marking H refers to the width of the slot in millimeters In addition to these, there are also bits for hexagon nuts and bolts, the bits with a slot in the middle of the straight slot (double pin), triangular bits (tri-wing), Phillips bits with offset (torq-set), the bits are square shaped, and many more bits of different configurations, in everyday life, used very rarely.

what to look for when choosing

The quality and speed of the screwdriver depends on the material of the working part bits. Do not buy cheap bits, their attractive appearance will remain only until the first use. After several twisted screws or screws the wear and tear of their working parts will be visible to the naked eye, and from the slots (especially cross-type) will remain only memories. Refrain from buying steel bits. Best material are alloys of chromium and molybdenum, tungsten and molybdenum, and chromium and vanadium. Note that of the above alloys must be made not only the working part, but the whole bit entirely. Special protective coating of titanium, Nickel or an alloy of tungsten and Nickel deposited on a tool that will not only provide additional strength, but reliably protects from corrosion. Will greatly facilitate the work of the purchase a special bit. So, the bits with the limiters will allow you to adjust the depth screw, and the bits with the springs will considerably increase the functionality of the tool, providing the ability to tighten and Unscrew the fastener at an acute angle in tight spaces. Remember that honest and reputable manufacturer always puts on a bat the name of your company, as well as size instrument. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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