How to successfully pass the exams. How to prepare for exams

In order not to exhaust myself the night sitting with the textbook and not to torture the psyche under the door of the classroom, to prepare for the exam and pass it the right way.

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a Collection of educational material

The first thing you will need lecture notes on the subject. If you do not, you should immediately get hold of them from classmates. Textbooks, workbooks, collections of tasks are essential to get. It doesn't matter where: in the library, from friends or online. Very well, if you have a list of questions for the exam. And it is really superb if you managed to get the exam fees, or rather their manuscript or oxirane copies.

the Study

No matter how diligently you went to lectures and seminars or slept in the morning after student parties or romantic dates – all to sweat. First review read a course of lectures, trying to give an overview about the subject studied. I try to remember common concepts and terms. If there are examples, read through them more carefully, than the rest of the text. After first reading the lecture notes begin re-reading with a pencil in his hand. Slowly read through the training material, thinking of the memory and is read immediately on a piece of paper sketches a brief outline of researched lectures in the form of short phrases, diagrams, icons, and numbers. Know this: the logical interpretation of information is many times more efficient than blunt mechanical cramming. After working notes come to the list of exam questions. Prepared in mind or set out schematically on a piece of paper your answer to the question. If you have time and the degree of preparedness, solve problems and perform practical tasks. They help take a fresh look at the material under study, plus very often during their run comes to an earlier comprehension of the theoretical part of the course. There is nothing wrong if at the end of training we'll write a crib sheet or "bomb". First, they finally laid out all the material studied in the project, and secondly, the exam will give you the confidence and peace of mind.

Holidays and food

The key to successful exam preparation is the ability to relax in between studying notes and textbooks. Every hour take a break of 10-15 minutes. Stand up, stretch, do simple physical exercises, breathe in the fresh air. Give the brain an opportunity to switch to another activity and thereby entertain. If you use an established stereotypes and going throughout the session to refresh ourselves liters of strong coffee, I can assure you – apart from gastritis or stomach ulcer you will not get anything more. I also want to dissuade you from drinking various energy drinks – they will only squeeze out the body remains of strength, giving nothing in return. During intense mental work, the body desperately needs protein, carbohydrates and trace elements for the full implementation of the exchange and oxidative processes in the brain. Therefore, during the session on lean easily digestible dairy products, cereals, soups, fruits and vegetables.

the night before the exam

Not before the exam all night long to attempt to force what could not be learn in few days of exam preparation. Better let the body relax and sleep – strength us still Oh as needed.

Under the door of examination

Do not be like most students, soucieuse notes under the door of the classroom where the exam. And, moreover, it is not necessary to ask for the released exam with classmates about which he had questions, he answered them, what the mood of the teacher etc. Instead of knowledge in my head to be ruled by utter chaos, the nervous system will be taxed, and the body will be on the verge of fainting.


We go into the audience with a quiet confidence that we have done to prepare for the exam is everything we could have processed and have remembered the maximum amount of information. Taking an exam question and preparing, quietly read the first part of the ticket and on the sheet of paper sketches a brief presentation of the examination question. The same make with the second issue of the ticket. And then calmly and methodically set out on paper the maximum that manages to recall on this issue. When presenting examination material the teacher behave, calmly and confidently. Don't not remain silent if the answer to question is no, begin to present the information in a related field. But in any case not need to prove to the examiner that you know everything. You need to convince him that we were diligently trying to study.

After exam

A natural desire to relax after the exam and to relieve stress. If the session is not completed, do not overdo it with the rest of the forces still need to pass the following subjects. Well, if the session is already behind us – then share your ability to relax: travel, play sports, go to visit, have fun and dance!

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