How to shop in the supermarket. How not to buy too much

Many, he ran to the Mall for the package of ravioli or a kilo of oranges, leave the supermarket with bags full of shopping and empty wallets.

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Not all that good, that good lies

For example, you need to buy sunflower oil. In the grocery Department right in front of the eyes are plastic bottles with such painfully familiar in commercials names trademarks. But do not hasten at once to put in the basket the product promoted brand, and lean below and study the contents of the lower shelves. We are more than sure that there will be is the sunflower oil from the manufacturer is the beginner, not inferior in quality to the product from the eminent manufacturer, but the price will be much lower than the branded product. Exactly the same is the case with imported and expensive goods. He will be on the shelves at eye level, at least – at arm's length. But it is necessary to bend over to the bottom shelf or standing on tiptoe to reach the top — there will be a modest wait for a buyer to be virtually the same product from domestic producers. Besides, no worse, and in most cases better than their foreign counterparts.

What's next, the fresh

Another trick of marketers and merchandisers. The gist of it is that the product shelf life is inexorably approaching to the critical date, and thus need to sell, will be posted closer to the customer than its more recent relatives. Therefore, despite the rush, push or lift up packing the products and in the farthest part of the shelf or container will surely find the product with a later release date, which means fresh.

With an empty stomach in the supermarket – a foot

In supermarkets delicious smells. Here and the smell of smoked meat and tart aroma of coffee, the sweet smell of baking and vanilla flavor with chocolate, and smells like fruit Department apples, citrus and grapes! Starved stomach gives the brain a categorical command: "Buy this and this and this!" And it doesn't matter that these odors produce a special aroma machine to attract customers ' attention and make them desire to buy even what was not planned.

Cart or trolley?

What to take when entering the supermarket: the cart or the cart? Our answer is simple – cart. Carrying on a retail cart, you imperceptibly fill it with so many purchases, the true scale of which can be assessed only paying the cost of purchases and beginning to shift mountain nakuplennyh products and goods in packages or loading them into the trunk of a car. Basket, due to its limited capacity, will keep you from uncontrolled and thoughtless choice of goods. By the way, do you know why shopping carts and baskets tend to be made from a grid with large cells and almost transparent? It's very simple – one that the buyer saw in the truck with another buyer any goods, wanted to buy the same yourself.

These cunning related products

Buying smoked or grilled chicken, very difficult to resist from buying mustard or ketchup, standing on a nearby shelf. And even knowing that at home in the fridge just started packaging spices, it is almost impossible not to buy "just in case" another one the same. Similarly peacefully and profitably with each other side by side wine with chocolate, beer with nuts and salinities, packages tea boxes with refined sugar and flour – with baking powder and yeast.

is a Dangerous word "discount"

Know what I declare discount? To intensify the demand for a product that is not sold very actively. After learning about the discount, many people buy not products pounds as planned, but two or even three. In the end, the money to buy oranges or apples will be still spent more than planned, but will be eaten if bought at a discount large quantities of products before they become worthless by unknown. Therefore, no matter what the discounts, buy one kilogram of apples and not a gram more!

Near the cash register – not to relax!

So, all purchases made. From the diversity of the goods selected only what was in the predetermined list. We're standing at the cash register, expected their turn to pay for purchases made out of boredom looking at shelves and shelves of colourful detail. Chocolate bars, chewing gum, lollipops, packets of coffee and tea, batteries, lighters. "Buy, useful" — thinks every second or third and, mesmerized, reaches out to alluring detail. Seemingly small things, are not very expensive, but over time, the amount of money spent on such things, reaches impressive size. Therefore, being near the cash register note: bright and attractive, small goods are not the purpose of your trip to the shopping Mall, albeit on the shelves waiting for another buyer. Tips are simple, but adhering to them, you will never buy in supermarkets is nothing superfluous and unnecessary!

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