How to make sky lanterns. Mastering sky lantern with your own hands

Sky lanterns have appeared recently, but rapidly gained popularity. These celestial travelers why not do it myself.

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the Dome

The original dome of sky lanterns made from rice paper. It costs a lot, and to find rice paper in stores is not easy. It with success can be replaced by tracing paper. But we'll go even further and make the dome out of garbage bags. Take 2 plastic bags for waste capacity from 30 to 50 liters, and selected bags with a minimum thickness, so that the weight was as small as possible. one bag cut off the bottom to get some semblance of a pipe. Tape glue the bags so that the bag with the bottom cut was extended another bag. As a result of the two is supposed to be one bag twice as long.


Best wrap to make thin bamboo rods. It does not matter if there is no bamboo canes, you can replace it with thin wire or plastic tube. A good wrap out of thin strips of cardboard. You can cut thin willow vine, bend it into a Hoop, and then dried. Here it is in its own way, the main condition – the weight of the Hoop should be minimal, and the wrap should keep the form. Connect the opposite side of the Hoop two pieces of thin wire criss-cross. Overlap the pieces of wire should be strictly in the center of the Hoop.


There is also a lot of options. From thin foil from under the chocolate to make a Cup in which to invest a quarter of a tablet of dry alcohol. A good result shows a burner made of cotton impregnated with wax from the candle. We will focus on a torch made of paper towels. Paper towel cut in small squares, in a water bath melt the wax and impregnate them with pieces of paper towels. When the wax on squares of paper towels hardens, build them in a pile and contractible in the middle of the thinnest steel wire, having in the centre squares of the awl holes.


Attach the Hoop to the bell dome with tape, in the center of the joint Hoop is mounted the burner. All sky lanterns ready.

Launching sky lanterns

In a quiet, windless day, away from houses and tall trees are launching the sky lanterns. Squaring dome, keep it at the top, ignite the burner and wait. Once the dome of the lantern is filled with hot air in an amount necessary to create the desired lifting force, let go of the flashlight and for a long time admiring the flying far up in heaven the traveler.

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