How to tune your guitar. Custom guitar of your own

While you are setting up your guitar? If you seek the help of friends, read how to do it yourself. Tune your guitar yourself is a snap.

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Classic setup method

In the presence of a keyboard musical instrument, acoustic or electronic, take it on the note "mi" and by changing the string tension by turning colocci (arm), making the first sound the strings in unison with a reference note "mi". Moving on to the second string, adjust the tension by tightening or releasing the peg of the second string, until such time as the second string will not sound in tune with the reference note "si." Custom third string in unison with the note "Sol", the fourth with the note "re", the fifth – with the note "La" and finish the setting, achieving the same sound of the sixth string to the note "mi". The strings in the guitar (for those who are puzzled or confused) are numbered from the bottom up. Thus, the first string is the bottom and the thinnest, and the sixth – most top and fat. Room strings Note Designation 1 Mi E 2 Si B 3 Salt G 4 Re D 5 La A 6 Mi E The sound source for tuning your guitar in the absence of musical instruments, but with the Internet, can be on-line services of tuning or online tuning forks.

setup from the first string

Custom first string of the guitar in unison with a reference note "mi" as described above, and then by pressing the finger on the second string on the fifth fret and hold down to change the tension of the second string as long as it will not sound in unison with the first "empty" (neprijatelj) string. Remove your finger from the second string and presses the third string at the fourth fret. Custom pitch of the third string so that it sounded in unison with the second string neprijatelj. Press the fourth string with your finger on the fifth fret custom its sound in unison with the third "empty" string. Go to the fifth string, it is pressed against the frets of a guitar on the fifth fret and adjustable in unison with neprijatelj fourth string. Completing the setting, pressing the sixth string with your finger on the fifth fret and pulling or releasing it until its sound is the same sound of an "empty" fifth strings. To check the setting of the guitar as follows: to perform the pinch the first and sixth strings at the same time, they should sound in unison with a difference of one octave. Room strings Way "Empty" string 1 — — 2 5 1 3 4 2 4 5 3 5 5 4 6 5 5 Somewhere in the trip, near a fire, when there is no opportunity to tune your guitar using reference notes, adjust the pitch of the first string as you like, and then adjust the sound of the other strings method "on the first string" and sing the songs your heart wants. Nice songs, merry and sad, good and different!

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