How to grow oyster mushrooms at home. The extensive method of growing oyster mushrooms

Under ever-worsening ecological situation is very tempting and attractive idea to grow at home oyster mushrooms.

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What is oyster

Oyster – plate is an edible mushroom with a rounded hat with a diameter of 5 to 15 centimeters. The color of the cap varies from dark brown or grey in young mushrooms to ash-gray or whitish in adults and the Mature. This mushroom is a high-yielding, fast and undemanding to growing conditions. Oyster mushrooms are a valuable dietary product, because it is extremely rich in easily digestible protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and polysaccharides with high antitumor and immunomodulatory effects. Oyster mushrooms contain a very rich set of vitamins and microelements necessary for the human body. Oyster mushrooms are tasty as boiled and fried and salted. And they can be drying, stocking them for the future.

Extensive method of cultivation

The extensive method involves the growing of oyster mushrooms in natural conditions with minimal cost. The method does not require a lot of time to care for mushroom plantation, as during intensive method of growing, but still has one drawback – the dependence on weather conditions and limited warm seasons.

Prepare the mushroom plantation planting

The basis on which will grow the oyster mushroom, cook in advance. Harvestable segments of the trunks of poplar, maple, ash, oak and other hardwood trees. The length of the stump should be about 40 cm, the diameter is from 15 to 20 cm. Further segments of logs required during the week to soak in water, and water needs change daily. After the wood is thoroughly soaked with moisture, in their lateral part and at one end using a drill drill holes with a diameter of approximately 10 mm and a depth of about 100 mm., the Density of holes on the surface of the block of wood should be as large as possible. It does not matter if no drills – instead of holes on the surface of scraps of logs it is possible to make deep cuts using a hacksaw. The main thing is that they are located on the surface of the stump as thick. It is time to choose the place for future plantation oyster. Selecting a dimmed and dark place in the Northern part of the site, digging it pit depth of 15-20 cm at a distance of about 30 cm from each other. Pour on the bottom of the pits is thin (about 3 cm) layer of sand above it a little sawdust or dry leaves.


The mycelium of oyster mushrooms razryhlitel, and then proceed to the contamination of logs with mycelium. Each hole or a cut block of wood filled with mycelium, and then carefully compacted. The consumption of seeds of approximately the following: for one dozen of wood about 1 kg of mycelium. Operation of inoculation of the spawn should be performed thoroughly and without haste. All filled with the mycelium of the hole required to cover the bark or moss. Upon completion of the sowing campaign in the segments of logs inserted in the excavated fossa, laterally compacted mixture of earth and sand and pour water. Cover with plastic wrap.

Care for crops

Simple enough – once a week, and in hot and dry weather two or three times, pouring the water in the wood with water and again covered with foil. Once out of the holes in the logs seem fruiting bodies, a film with a stump must be removed, and to suspend watering.


After one or two months in the harvest of mushrooms. The fungus is considered to be grown up, when his hats on the top of the splice aligns the edge.Sown with mycelium of the wood will bear fruit 3-4 years, without the need for any special care except occasional watering. We wish you that the size of the harvest this valuable and delicious mushroom has surpassed all your expectations!

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