How to grow oyster mushrooms. Intensive method of growing oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms at home can be grown in an intensive way, which, unlike extensive, not limited at times of the year and are not subject to the vagaries of the weather.

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substrate Preparation

There are 2 ways of preparation of the substrate: sterile and non-sterile. Sterile method of preparation is required for the substrate based on the husks of sunflower seeds. It consists in sterilization of the substrate is heated in an autoclave to a temperature of 1200 C and subsequent thermal treatment. Since this method of preparation at home is difficult to implement because of the lack of a specific autoclave, limited only by its mention, but will focus more on non-sterile. Non-sterile method of substrate preparation is a lengthy heat treatment (pasteurization) at a temperature of from 60 to 1000 C. The substrate from sawdust of deciduous trees, straw or ground corn stalks pour in the synthetic bags from the flour or sugar and place in a large metal barrel or evaporation. Fill the tank up to the top with cold water and leave it to impregnated substrate. Bags must be completely submerged in water, and so they do not float, we recommend packlast cargo on top of them. After 12 hours the water is drained from the tank and pour the boiling water. You'll need additional heat sources to heat water directly in the tank. Implement heated using electric immersion heaters or teplonahrevateley (heating elements), a container of water and the bags to have over the stove, gas or electric stove. If neither, there is no need to breed under tank fire and heat the water using an open fire. Pasteurization of the substrate is carried out within 45 minutes for water with a temperature of 900 C or for 3 hours at a water temperature of 600 C. after this time remove the excess water from the tank and, without opening, give the bags with the substrate to cool to a temperature of approximately 280 C. Until the substrate cools, extracted from the mycelium of the fridge, letting it warm to room temperature.

Sowing mycelium

Thoroughly washed his hands, and even better – with the hands put on clean rubber gloves, clean jar, mash the mycelium to a state of individual grains. Next, mix the mycelium with the substrate. To obtain the two waves yields on 10 kg wet substrate you need to add 250 g of mycelium. To get three harvests of oyster mushrooms and more, the amount of mycelium should be doubled, that is, 500 g of mushroom seeds per 10 kg of substrate. The mixture filled polythene bags with a size of about 30х70 see it is Very important to carefully seal in a bag the mixture of the substrate with the mycelium, preventing the corners of the voids, the blank fertile mixture. The neck of the bag tightly knotted, and that the mycelium is "not choked", for all its surface with a sharp knife or razor blade do 12-15 cross sections with a length of about 2-3 cm Mushroom blocks prepared

incubation Period

Mushroom blocks stacked on shelves indoors with temperatures 20-220 C. it is important to observe the specified temperature, or when the air temperature is above 250 ° C the temperature of the inside of mushroom blocks will be about 30 degrees, and most of the mushroom seed will die from heat shock. Throughout the period of incubation is necessary 2 times a day to moisten the mushroom blocks from the sprayer. To maintain high humidity should renounce ventilation in the incubation room. Ensure. so mushroom blocks do not touch each other and to them was easily accessible from the surrounding air. The presence of illumination in the incubation period lasts from 15 to 25 days, not necessarily.


After a period of incubation when the mushroom blocks will appear fruiting bodies, bags should be moved into another room and set on racks in a vertical position, distance from each other. Mushroom blocks, wet them spray 3 times a day. The humidity should be around 80-90%. The light level mushroom blocks should be from 10 to 20 Watts per square meter, and at night the light should turn off. The direct sunlight on the bags with the substrate and mycelium undesirable. The temperature may vary from 10 to 18 degrees and the higher it is, the faster they will Mature oyster mushrooms. Flavouring qualities mushrooms from increasing the temperature will not change, except that the mushrooms themselves will become a little bit brittle, and their hats will they become darker in color. 5-7 days after the start of the cultivation period it is possible to remove the first harvest.


It is recommended to remove crop of oyster mushrooms at intervals of 10-14 days throughout the period of the first wave, lasting about one and a half months. Remove the mushrooms need very carefully, upward movement breaking off from the mushroom block. Hats oyster in the beginning of the development of dark color, then gradually lighter and by the time of maturity become ashen.

Crop the second and following waves

2-3 weeks after fruiting first wave, we can expect the next wave of harvest. All you need to do is to loop through mushroom blocks, removing from the premises the bags affected by mold and remove residual fungus on feet suitable for further use mushroom blocks. With all the growing conditions and proper care, oyster mushrooms will delight you harvest mushrooms for six months. To produce new crops need to re-form the mushroom blocks. Dishes made with oyster mushrooms, very tasty and healthy! Bon appétit!

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