How to write a business plan. The rules of making a business plan

Creating a business plan can be entrusted to companies specializing in their construction, however, it is unlikely that such a project is of interest to potential investors.

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The fact that such multi-page documents, in their majority, are made on a template, without careful analysis and thoughtful approach, revealing the basic aspects of activity of the enterprise and its competitive advantages, without specifying the source of its success and not giving the answer to the question, what will be the profit. For this reason, there is a sense after reading this publication to compile a business plan for his enterprise independently.

Title and the content of the document

To start a business plan with a cover page, which should indicate the company name and its address. Don't forget about contact information for the company and its founders and management. The next page is a table of contents. It is necessary to display the contents of the document with a full list of all its sections and paragraphs.


Introduction to the business plan should be informative and at the same time concise. In an accessible form should be set forth the features of the company and the specifics of its activities. Be sure to include what distinguishes your company from hundreds or thousands of similar enterprises. You also need to justify why the products or services of the company will be more in demand in the market and why the consumer will want to pay money for them. Paradoxically, but an introduction usually are in the final stages of work on the business plan, when the author has a complete and coherent picture of the upcoming activities of the company.

market Analysis

Source of information for the review, and market research can be not only official statistical information, analytical reports of experts and industry-specific sites, but also the media. So if necessary was the ability to update the information or confirm its accuracy, must indicate the sources of the information provided. Analyzing the market, be sure to appreciate its size, prospects and speed of growth. Considering the growth opportunities of the market, be sure to pay attention to potential threats by developing ways to minimize commercial risks. Give a sober assessment of the competitors, examining their strengths and weaknesses. Take into account not just the companies that are on the market at a given time, but also pay attention to potential competitors — firms and organizations operating in the adjacent segment and having the ability to transfer or to expand the scope of its activities.

Business model and financial performance

This section is a production plan of the company. In it, describe all existing and planned sources of income, and don't forget to consider costs for rent, salary Fund and operating costs. Specify the main suppliers and consumers of your products and services. If your company already engaged in commercial activities, provide her with the balance sheet, statement of profit and loss account and the report on movement of funds. Not be amiss to forecast these figures for the year ahead, three and five years.

Sources of funds and financial risks

In the case of treatment to the investors needed to develop a plan of use of capital having considered in detail the coming of the costs in setting up production facilities, the creation or renewal of vehicles, purchase of equipment, development of a trademark or company logo, advertising campaign. Develop possible scenarios for the conduct of activities in the event of adverse market conditions and the associated financial risks.


This section must be placed all the documents on the basis of which developed a business plan. Their list can be quite long: the certificate of incorporation of the company and the trademark, patents and licenses, surveys, plans, diagrams, analytical notes, summaries, partnership agreement, letters of guarantee partners and customers. Good luck in your endeavors! Let you will succeed!

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