How to remove a ring from swollen finger. Simple and effective ways of relieving ring

In the case when to remove the ring from the swollen finger is not possible, get help from a simple and proven ways using available tools.

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Causes of difficulties with removal of the ring

There are many, here are the main ones: rings (usually wedding) worn on the fingers, when they were fine, jewelry is worn for a long time and during this time, due to the increase of body weight fingers increased in volume; — the volume of finger increased as a result of accumulation in the body of excess moisture due to heat or excessive consumption of salty foods; — very common — swelling of the fingers in pregnant women; — thickening of finger due to stress from contraction of the muscles; — swelling of a finger due to injury.

the Excretion of excess salts from the body

If the fingers were swollen due to excessive eating salty foods, and the bold ring on the finger does not cause noticeable discomfort, you should try to withdraw the excess salt from the body. You need to consume in the first half of the day a large amount of water. Approximately afternoon a few fingers to decrease in volume and will remove a stubborn ring.

stimulating the outflow of blood from the hands

When the fingers increase in volume occurred in summer due to the expansion of peripheral vessels due to the heat, reduce swelling of the hands, placing it so that the palm above the heart line. If that doesn't work, it is recommended to immerse for a few minutes, the hand on the brush in cold water, then lift it overhead and hold this position for 3 to 5 minutes. Swelling of the fingers significantly reduced and the ring will attempt to remove with finger. Instead of cold water can be used ice that is applied to the finger, avoiding contact with ice.

the Use of salt and grease

In some cases, helps with saline solution. Adding cold water salt (3-4 tablespoons in 1 liter of water) and thoroughly mixed, put it on a few minutes of hand with problem finger. The salt will remove the swelling and the ring can be removed. As a lubricant it will fit any oil, lotion, vaseline, shampoo or liquid soap. Plentifully having greased a finger and the surface under the ring, it is necessary to wrap the ring a piece of dry cloth and by turning it around its axis, to try to remove the decoration. Sometimes remove the ring prevent the folds of skin on your finger. In this case you will need the assistance of a second person. When he pulls back the skin of the finger in the direction of the nail and lock it in such position, grasp the ring with your other hand and remove it with finger.


The way that helps in those cases when all other means are powerless before the ring, deeply embedded in the skin of the finger. Need a thread, preferably silk, with length from 1 to 1.5 m. Threading the thread end through the needle hole, carefully insert the needle between the finger and the ring from the nail to the brush, then pulling it from the other side. You guessed it, along with the needle under the ring will stretch and the tip of short filaments. Needle with thread is removed and set aside, and the long end of the thread is wound tight coils without gaps on the finger in the direction from the ring to the nail. Left to take the short end of the thread, wound up under the ring, and begin gently unwinding. In the process of unwinding the thread slowly, but surely, slip ring, removing his finger.To avoid injury to the skin of the finger and of education even more swelling, never attempt to remove the energetic ring sharp jerks. All movements should be slow and careful. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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