How to prepare a solution for soap bubbles in home conditions

Store-bought a small jar of soap bubbles pretty quickly empties. How can you not think about self liquid soap?

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Having a similar issue, we have tried a lot of famous (and not) recipes for preparation of solutions for soap bubbles. Taking away from them the most simple and at the same time effective, we suggest you make them their own, giving their kids the unforgettable "soapy" holiday. A few words about water. Because it is the main ingredients of all solutions for bubble, her choice should be approached responsibly. The best basis for soap solution will be distilled or ice water. If one is not at hand, use boiled water.

Recipes solutions for soap bubbles

The type of solution Method of preparation Safe (for the kids) Mix 200 ml water with 100 ml of baby shampoo. The solution to stand for 24 hours, then add 3 teaspoons of sugar or 1.5 tablespoons of glycerin Simple Mix 200 ml water with 50 ml of detergent for washing dishes. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar or 0.5 tablespoon of glycerin Cheap In 200 ml of hot water dissolve 25 ml grated Laundry soap. Original 200 ml of water was mixed with 30 ml of detergent for washing dishes. Let stand at least 12 hours, and then add 25 ml of fruit syrup For large bubbles Mix 1 liter of water with 200 ml of detergent for washing dishes, add 150 ml of glycerin and 4 tablespoons sugar. Mix thoroughly and defend.

a Tool for blowing

In addition to the standard part from a store set, blowing soap bubbles you can use accessories made by their own hands. A great tool will be a normal tube for a cocktail, it only needs a little improvement, cutting one end of a cross and bend the petals to the sides. Amiss also form for cutting out dough, funnel or plastic bottle with the bottom cut off cleanly. In the end, soap bubbles can be blown through folded in the form of the letter "O" the thumb and forefinger. Blow giant soap bubbles you will need a gymnastic Hoop or a large homemade frame of arbitrary shape. Good luck to you! Large and beautiful bubbles!

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