How to remove your page from networks Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, My мир@Mail.Ru that Twitter

How to remove your profile from the popular social networks without long and boring journeys on the settings in search of the Delete button

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Delete profile from "Classmates"

At the bottom of the home page find the item Rules. If fast cannot be found, you can use the search built into the browser.Go to the item Rules. Scrolling the page with a very long EULA and at the bottom click on the link to Refuse the services. In the appeared window specify a reason for me to delete the profile (you can omit), enter your password and click Delete forever.

Remove your page from the social network "In contact"

In the top left of the page select My settings. Scrolling the page down and click on the Delete link to its page. A window will appear where you can specify the reason of removal, leave a message and choose the option to Tell your friends. Then press the button Delete page and deleted.

Delete account from Facebook

Scrollable home page in the bottom. Find the Help link, click on it. In a new window in the search bar, enter the word delete . In the appeared popup menu select the item How to delete your account forever. A window will open with the same name. In the second paragraph, click on the link fill out the form. In another window, enter your password and, if all still want to retire, click on the button Delete my account.

Delete profile from "My мир@Mail.Ru"

In the upper left corner to press the Still. In the opened menu choose additional Settings. In the opened window, My settings at the bottom click the button to Delete your World. Then in the next window note the "tick"all the points where you need to agree to the deletion of your blog, photos, videos, friends, community, etc. click on the button to Delete your World and talk of the social network, "goodbye."

Remove your account from Twitter

At the top of the page in the main menu there is an icon in the form of either gears, or gears. Click on it, the list that appears select Settings. Now in the Account window at the end click on the link to Delete my account. Appears the final box So this is goodbye?, press the button to Delete the account. All, your account is removed from Twitter.

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