How to find the right word or phrase on a web page

It is often necessary to find a word or phrase on the web page. Particularly acute this problem is, if the text on the page a lot.

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Method, one for all browsers

In this case, the browser developers have shown admirable solidarity – find the right word on a web page in a way that is the same for all Internet browsers. No matter in what browser open your web page: if this venerable Opera, or many favorite Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome dynamic or mercilessly criticize all Internet Explorer – algorithm of action for the search word or phrase common to all.

How to search

Press function key F3 or Ctrl and f At the top or the bottom of the browser window will appear a small panel with a search box to enter text. In the box begin to type the desired word or phrase. As soon as the browser read the contents of the web page the first word, identical with the word entered in the search bar, it immediately highlights it in a different color than the main. If you want to find the next or previous occurrence of the word in the text, in browsers Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer next to the window for entering a test search for this there are the buttons "Next" and "Back" in Google Chrome – buttons "Forward" and "Back", and in internetautodial Opera – "Find previous" and "Find next". To close the search bar, just press the Esc key. This key closes the search box in all four of the listed Internet browsers. We wish you always find (and not only on the Internet and on its pages) everything you are looking for!

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