How to protect computer from virus infection

The computer started working slower, sometimes hanging. On the screen appear obscure inscriptions. All these symptoms are signs of a virus.

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What is a computer virus

A computer virus any program that infects executable or object files that reproduce themselves without the permission or knowledge of the user of the personal computer. Features small size, is able to penetrate inside other programs capable of self-reproduction and dissemination over the network or via floppy disks, optical disks and flash drives. Computer viruses can erase information, delete files and folders, transfer to third parties the confidential information from your computer without your knowledge to produce the e-mails

Signs of a virus

Basic signs that your computer has settled virus: — slows the speed and reduces the computer performance; automatically runs programs; keyboard and mouse become difficult to control; — on the screen appear strange message. — spontaneously appearing and disappearing files; — changing the size of the files; — decreases the amount of free disk space; — block access to certain files and folders, or all local drive: — operating system is not loaded.

security Measures

To install on your personal computer licensed anti-virus software and a firewall. With regular updating virus databases and the antivirus programs in resident mode, it can prevent infecting your computer and protect it from almost all types of viruses. Be sure to check your anti virus program all floppy disks, optical disks and flash drives, as will be disclosed or execute the files that are on them. To disable autorun of all removable media. In case of detection of computer viruses and malware on the flash drive will not think twice to reformat the flash drive. Do not open received by e-mail messages with attachments or with attachments to check their antivirus program. If the email came from an unknown destination, it is best just to delete it. Do not install on the computer from the Network dubious software from dubious sources. The rules are simple, follow and strictly observe them, and about the viruses, and the results of their destructive actions, you will know only by hearsay!

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